Optimal data quality for your Salesforce CRM


Data. Just. Right.

Data Just Right - Data Quality in Salesforce

You have chosen the Sales Cloud - the worldwide leading CRM solution. In other words, you now have the very best foundation for efficient sales, marketing and service processes. However, the success of a CRM initiative is highly dependent on the quality of data it uses.

A top CRM system requires equally top condition data. Salesforce provides a wide range of first-class functions. However, dashboards, automatic workflows, marketing and sales automation are of little help when the data being processed in Salesforce is not correct. As the benchmark for international address checks, we provide you with the highest data quality for your customer and business partner data – the foundation for successful implementation of your CRM strategy.

Data Quality in Salesforce

We provide data competence in a simple-to-integrate app

The multitude of processes in the today’s digital world demand fully correct and complete address data. This applies to such fields as logistics, spatial sales organisation, identification of new customer potential or risk management. However, the data of your customers and partners changes continuously – therefore a regular check against reference data is essential.

We increase your sales force

With high quality data in your sales cloud, routine tasks in sales, service and marketing can be automated; meaning that the respective teams involved have more time for generating leads and securing contracts:

  • Sales
    Operational excellence – Correct data ensures that your sales staff have as much time as possible for sales activities – from lead generation to final invoicing.
  • Service
    First class customer experience – Enable your service staff to provide personalised, dialogue-orientated and fast service across all channels. 
  • Marketing
    Personalised customer journey – Address your customers during every phase of the customer relationship and easily network yourself across all channels.

Smarter and faster selling – Your advantages

  • Higher Productivity
    Irrespective as to whether you are an outside representative, or work in an office – quality-guaranteed address data means that everybody can concentrate on their actual task: making sales.
    No undeliverable mailing campaigns, no unnecessary postage costs, no delays when visiting customers ...
  • Better Decisions
    With our Data. Just. Right. app all data in your sales cloud is available centrally and with guaranteed quality. This means that your Salesforce dashboards and reports deliver definitive prognoses for well-founded busi¬ness decisions. 
  • More Leads
    Successful lead management must have correct data. You must know your existing and prospective customers and process a wide range of information to be able to reach them with the right message at the right moment.
Data Quality in Salesforce CRM - Advantages

First Time Right – Uniserv Data Quality

As the European market leader for customer data management we guarantee permanently high quality data in your sales cloud. How is this possible? Quite simple: The installation of our Uniserv Data. Just. Right. app is performed with the AppExchange platform of salesforce.com. Following simple adaptation to your individual requirements a postal address check is performed automatically - for new entries or changes of leads, contacts or accounts.

These quality assurance functions enable:

  • Validation, standardization and correction of addresses immediately during input (i.e. in real time)
  • Automatically created selection list of possible address candidates following input of an ambiguous address 
  • Enrichment with additional address elements
  • Automatic check of postal accuracy without an additional “click” being necessary
  • Check of all stored contact addresses, such as billing, delivery and ordering addresses 
Data Just Right - Data Quality in Salesforce

The new Sales Cloud gives you a next-generation user experience and provides the best possible support for modern working practices. Our app is 100% Lightning ready and supports all functions of the Salesforce Lightning Experience. The app can be easily integrated into any Salesforce applications you have modified. 

VIDEO (6:10 Min.): Data. Just.Right. - Premium Data Quality for Salesforce