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Data quality for SAP

Good customer communication, meaningful business intelligence analyses, reliable identification of attempts at fraud – for all these, high data quality is the fundamental requirement. Only when your business partner data is up-to-date, correct, consistent and clear, can processes based on customer data run smoothly and error-free.


Using data management and data quality solutions to achieve consistent data in SAP

Certified Uniserv products solve the problem of inconsistent data in SAP systems. Also and especially for the transition of master data in the context of S/4 HANA migration with the SAP Migration Cockpit. Our many years of expertise in the SAP environment mean that we can fulfil all your individual demands with our professional product and service solutions. Our internal SAP developers and professional consultants accompany you step for step during every phase of your SAP project: including the data analysis, data migration and data integration, improved interaction with customer and data enquiries in real time, and the draft and availability of long-term data quality strategies. We ensure that you can finalise your project fast, efficiently and punctually. And that you migrate optimized quality data to S/4 HANA, for maximum added value after project completion.

Quality optimized and consistent master data as a basis for a
successful S/4 HANA migration

Within the scope of your migration to S/4 HANA the master data of the systems to be replaced, such as Business Suite 7 or ERP 6.0, must also be migrated to S/4 HANA. Regardless of your higher-level project approach such as Greenfield, Brownfield or Selective Data Transition (Landscape Transformation). It is essential that the necessary business partner data is extracted from the systems used so far and qualitatively optimized, in order to then be brought into a form that guarantees a reliable transfer to S/4 HANA. The entities "debitor", "creditor" and "business partner" become the uniform, so-called 'business partner master'. This means that there is now only the entity 'business partner'. The business partner, in turn, can take on different roles. This means that the address and master data of the business partner are separated from the role of the business partner. In this way, a business partner can take on several roles. 

Uniserv provides support especially in the transformation step and ensures the necessary data quality exactly where the data is brought into the required form and structure. Using the SAP Migration Cockpit. Initially with postal validation and later also with duplicate matching (identity). Usable for for Excel tables, database tables or for migration from system to system. A postal check of the data to be transferred is performed directly in the SAP Migration Cockpit. Afterwards, quality-optimized, consolidated and consistent data can be conveniently loaded into S/4 HANA. 

As a long-standing SAP partner with solid experience from countless SAP projects and over 50 years of data quality expertise, Uniserv provides you and/or your migration service provider with a state-of-the-art consulting and solution set which carries out the necessary data-quality tasks at the high-end.

But - in the spirit of half a century of data quality expertise and experience from many, many SAP projects - Uniserv can do much more. In this case, we support you in the dissolution of data silos, i.e. the extraction of data from different sources and the transfer into a uniform data view, a 360-degree view based on so-called golden records as the best possible truth for each individual data record.

Uniserv solution

Uniserv offers integration possibilities in SAP systems (Data Quality Connector for SAP Business Suite) that ensure that your data quality is safe for the launch of a project and at all times thereafter - because one-off cleansing it is insufficient for maintaining long-term high data quality. Data quality protection runs through a life cycle: the Data Quality Life Cycle. This holistic approach is a foundation of the Uniserv portfolio.

Our products encompass the entire data quality life cycle: including the analysis of data stocks and initial cleansing, implementation of a data quality firewall in your applications to hinder currently used data from becoming polluted, and permanent monitoring and maintenance of your defined data quality standards. Our solutions for SAP systems allow integration into all important company processes. Also, our plug & play solutions can be used for more than just the certified scenarios; they guarantee you the same level of security and stability for all SAP upgrades and SAP applications. Integration in the customer’s individual SAP applications is equally unproblematic; as is the support of web technologies, particularly in the CRM environment. Adaptation to your special demands is our speciality – and implementation is flexible and uncomplicated.

DQ Steward

The DQ Steward supports the cleansing processes for debtor and creditor data in SAP applications, and considerably simplifies data care. Debtor and creditor data is checked for postal information, and any duplicates found in the system are identified and consolidated as necessary. Downloading external lists is easy with the DQ Steward, and because the whole process is fully integrated – the user never has to leave the SAP environment.

The DQ Steward supports the following cleanup processes

  • Marking of recognized duplicates in the existing data 
  • Address cleansing 
  • Import of external lists for new creation and cleansing of customer data
  • Enrichment of additional information
  • Matching against reference address data

The complex checks run unnoticed by the employee fully automatically in the background. The results of the DQ checks and cleansing are displayed by the DQ Steward, and with the support of suggestions can immediately be confirmed or reprocessed as required. At the start of a check run, the person responsible for DQ can decide whether a closer examination is necessary before the data is released. Once an address has been finally confirmed, the corrected dataset is transferred to the master data in the SAP system. Comprehensive statistics about key performance indicators (KPIs), give the user with progress information, and show what is happening to the data and where exactly it is located at all times. The DQ Steward provides an auditing-safe report of all processes. The data quality screen enables SAP users to follow what changes were made during the last checking process – together with the information about old and new addresses, and identified and confirmed duplicates.

DQ checks and cleansing displayed by the DQ Steward

Caution & Compliance Framework for SAP

The Caution & Compliance Framework for SAP takes into account the requirements of special compliance regulations (money laundering law, terrorism laws). However, it also supports other areas, such as fraud prevention by identifying suspicious persons and the identification of politically exposed persons (PEP) through a sanctions list check

The CCF for SAP ensures in a real-time environment at the point of data entry or in a batch process that the risk of entering untrustworthy data into your database is recognized and minimized at an early stage. This allows you to take appropriate action and avoid fines and heavy losses.

Your benefits

  • Consideration of the legal requirements for the identification of sanctioned business partners
  • Can be integrated into existing processes
  • Prevention instead of reaction
  • Minimization of manual checking
  • Integrated standard lists – company internal
  • Lists can be configured individually
  • SOA integration possible


SAP certification

SAP offers two possibilities for certifying the BAS interface. The BC-BAS-PV interface ensures the correctness of addresses, whilst the BC-BAS-DES interface hinders the entry of duplicates, as well as having a search function.

Uniserv products have been certified for this interface since 2002. This certification is continuously kept up to the latest standards. Certification by SAP gives you the guarantee that all Uniserv products can be perfectly incorporated into all SAP the support features; and in the case of SAP upgrades, that all processes will continue to function without problem. The standards of the innovative Uniserv software provide you with the highest possible levels of usage, variety, flexibility and solution possibilities.

Certified are:

DQ Connector post RT 5.3 – for address checks
BC-BAS-PV 4.6 (SAP NetWeaver) 

DQ Connector post RT 5.3 – for address checks
BC-BAS-PV 7.40 on HANA 

DQ Connector identity RT 5.3 – for matching duplicates
BC-BAS-DES 4.6 (SAP NetWeaver) 

DQ Connector identity RT 5.3 – for matching duplicates

Zertifizierung SAP NetWeaver
Zertifizierung SAP HANA