High data quality for efficient data integration with Talend


Talend Open Integration Solutions is one of the fastest growing companies in data integration and the world's number one Open Source Data Integration. Companies of all sizes put their faith in Talend solutions to execute successful data integration projects.
Because one thing becomes clear, particularly in integration projects for customer data: Maximum data quality is indispensable for linking data from different systems, transforming data structures and contents and designing complex data flow logics. Only in such a way do you obtain a consistent database with up-to-date and correct information which you need to be able to make informed business decisions and reach your business goals.

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On the other hand, incorrect addresses and duplicates falsify the information content e.g. of ERP, CRM or BI systems and reduce their effectiveness and cost efficiency. Important customer-related performance indicators are distorted and require unnecessary manual research and correction.

The reliability of reports and forecasts decreases and adversely affects corporate planning. Consignments cannot be delivered, marketing campaigns are without effect and customer satisfaction is put at risk. And the costs for data integration projects also increase.

You can use the UNISERV DQ-Connector for Talend to integrate data quality functions such as postal address validation and duplicate matching directly in your Talend workflow definitions. As a result, it is possible to automatically  validate the addresses of newly registered users and check for duplicates when synchronizing an Internet portal with your CRM system.

The DQ-Connector for single record address validation and correction is suitable for real-time use and batch use. In the duplicate search, users can be automatically searched for in the database (e.g. during the transfer from the Internet portal) and marked as potential duplicates. The updating of a special index pool for the error-tolerant search ensures that the new prospective customer is immediately available for further searches. Lists with "black sheep" can be administered and suspicious prospective customers marked as cases for investigation. The search index of the list can be re-built at any time by means of a bulk load.

Another DQ-Connector enables any "bulk" batch jobs defined and executed in the Uniserv DQ Batch Suite to be integrated in a Talend processing operation. Typical ETL processes (Extract-Transform-Load) can therefore be enhanced with data quality functions by means of the Talend connectors. For example, a customer database can be loaded from an old IT system, the data cleansed and the results loaded to a completely new CRM system. Or data from different systems can be periodically consolidated and cleansed while being loaded to a central data warehouse.

The Uniserv DQ-Connectors for Talend Open Studio or the Talend Integration Suite are provided free of charge. You thereby increase the data quality in your IT systems, obtain information which is relevant for decision-making and implement efficient data integration projects with a minimum level of resources.