Multi- & Cross-Channel Management

Multi & Cross Channel Management

In this digital age, the manner and form of the ways we do our shopping, book our holidays, search for information, and even how we communicate, have changed dramatically. We buy products and order services in the internet – ecommerce is long established. New technical possibilities, such as mobile payment, cloud computing and improved ecommerce platforms propel the changes further. Customers move dynamically and hyper-networked in the digital world using many different communication devices. This leads to existing customers and potential new customers wanting to contact the company using increasingly diverse channels, including business done in a local store, in online shops and by using telephone ordering. Different interaction possibilities are increasingly expected by customers.

It has now become essential for companies to know just who they are dealing with – irrespective as to the communication channel currently or previously used. The idea goes even further: can customer who prefers one or another channel be individually targeted? Various search machines already exploit this possibility.

Our Solutions

For multi- & cross-channel management (i.e., omni-channel management), integration of data from different channels and data sources is the big challenge. Despite omni-channelling and multi-channelling, the correct approach and most suitable offer must be tailored to the customer - and this requires a 360° view of all customers in the CRM system. This means that all available information about the customers in the entire company must be consolidated, although this data is often spread across different systems and locations.

Uniserv’s state-of-the-art technology and proven best-practice models give you a 360° view of your customers. The Uniserv Customer Data Hub unites all available customer data in guaranteed quality, from all channels and organisational areas. You can see at all times what a customer has ordered by telephone on your hotline, or has bought in your web shop, or has complained about to the service centre.

Your Advantages

  • Data quality as required by your business for its processes
  • 360°customer view by consolidating the customer master data
  • Integration of every communication channel for complete transparency
  • Optimized data quality for a more efficient customer approach