Adress validation im SAP®

Adress validation im SAP

Correct business partner data as a basis for efficient processes

Correct and up-to-date address data in your SAP system? Sounds secondary at first. But high-quality address data is the basis for many subsequent processes. Shipping goods. Mail delivery. Area analyses. Purchasing power overviews. Duplicate checks. Data governance. And much more.

The good news first: keeping this basis clean is easy and automated. With our international address validation, you can check, correct and update your address data worldwide. We integrate seamlessly into your SAP system and check directly as the data is entered. In plain language, this means that you enter the addresses correctly right from the start.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Always correct and complete address data - even internationally. 
  • Address verification and address correction directly during entry. 
  • Premium reference data in Germany, refined by our in-house reference data team.
  • Support for post-processing and cleansing. 
  • SAP-certified integration. 


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Correction on entry: all good. But what about the inventory?

Entering new addresses correctly in the system is a great way to improve the data quality in your SAP system. But you can only make real progress if you also bite the bullet once in a while and "clean up" the inventory. 

You do not have to leave your SAP environment for this either. With the help of Uniserv DQ Steward, you clean up the desired files in the batch - user-friendly, at the push of a button directly from the SAP interface.  


Your advantages:

  • Address cleansing in partial or complete files. 
  • Enrichment of additional address information. 
  • Matching against reference address data. 
  • Direct processing of the results in your SAP interface.  


The address checks run fully automatically in the background, unnoticed by the employee. The results of the cleansing are displayed in DQ Steward and can be directly edited or confirmed there if necessary. The system supports this process with automated suggestions. At the start of a check run, the responsible DQ manager decides whether he or she wants a dual control principle, i.e. whether an additional approval step is required. Once an address has been finally released, the corrected data record is posted in the master data of the SAP system. 

Detailed statistics & KPIs allow the user to conveniently monitor progress. He knows at all times who is working with the data and where exactly it is located. Uniserv DQ Steward offers every SAP user the possibility of tracing when the last check runs took place and thus provides an audit-proof logging of all processes. Current and correct data thus ensure compliance with business rules in SAP, increase the usefulness of the analyses and provide a stable foundation for important business decisions.

Our tip: After address validation, consider duplicate cleansing. Clean data is not only complete, correct and up-to-date - it is also unique!


Adress validation in SAP



Smart Data Check - the real quality of your data?

Uniserv Smart Data Check

What is the current quality of your address data? 

With our Smart Data Check, you can find out whether your data is complete, correct, unambiguous, accessible and compliant:

  • Detailed analysis of your data.
  • Fast, transparent, measurable.
  • Reliable KPIs and a clear overview.
  • Supplemented by tips from DQ experts.
  • Without obligation. At a fixed price.


Our solutions are SAP certified


Thanks to our SAP-certified integration, our plug & play solutions offer you the same security and stability for SAP upgrades as SAP's own applications. Integrations into customer-specific SAP applications are just as unproblematic as the support of web technologies, especially in the CRM environment. Adaptations to your special requirements are our specialty - implementation is flexible and straightforward.

DQ Connector post RT 5.3 – for address checks
BC-BAS-PV 4.6 (SAP NetWeaver) 

DQ Connector post RT 5.3 – for address checks
BC-BAS-PV 7.40 on HANA 

SAP certification
SAP certification