Compliance in SAP®

Compliance in SAP

Sanctions list check for compliance with legal requirements
for SAP systems

Every company established or economically active in the EU must take appropriate measures to check all business partners (suppliers, customers, employees, ...) against sanctions lists. Apart from the legal requirement, such a check also serves to detect potential fraudsters at an early stage.

The Uniserv Caution & Compliance Framework (CCF) for SAP solutions identifies suspicious persons and companies in an SAP-integrated solution.

Quick Facts about Uniserv CCF: 

  • Check of business partner data against free & commercially available sanctions lists
    (e.g. World-Check, Worldcompliance, EU sanctions list, etc.)
  • Checking of business partner data against individual data sets, so-called caution lists
  • Audit-proof documentation of the check results
  • Checking either in real time during data entry or in batch as batch processing
  • Simple integration and processing in the familiar SAP interface

The Uniserv Caution & Compliance Framework takes into account the requirements of special compliance regulations (Money Laundering Act, terrorism laws). However, it also supports other areas, such as fraud prevention through the identification of suspicious persons and the identification of politically exposed persons (PEP).


Identify untrusted data early. Minimize risk.

With the Uniserv Caution & Compliance Framework for SAP.

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Functions of the Caution & Compliance Framework

Regardless of the specific list and the embedding in existing processes, the check always follows the same process. If the business partner data is transferred to the CCF for checking, a fuzzy check is performed against existing data sets to identify suspicions.

When a suspicion is identified, a so-called case is created in the system. An agent then decides on the suspicion in a corresponding administration interface.  The entire process is logged in an audit-proof manner.

Additional functions:

  • Integration of the Good Guy functionality
  • Expandability to include customer-specific checks
  • Programming interfaces for carrying out further actions after a process has been completed, e.g. user information, notification of subsystems, etc.
  • Research tool for completed transactions
  • Integration of fraud services
  • Security check for lists
  • Check of non-SAP data records
  • SAP CRM & S/4HANA compatibility
  • FIORI interfaces for mobile use

With Uniserv CCF, you ensure that you detect untrustworthy data at an early stage and thus minimize the risk from the very beginning.  In this way, appropriate measures can be taken and fines and severe losses can be avoided.