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246 Countries - One Solution

Validate, correct and encode with Uniserv your address data - across the globe.

The quality of your address data is an important prerequisite for efficient business processes, standardized Information Governance and Compliance and ultimately for the satisfaction of your customers. Under the term Business Intelligence, the address quality forms an important basis for well-founded strategic business decisions.

Uniserv enables you to validate, correct and encode your address data - across the globe. You obtain postal address validation and geocoding for an incredible 246 countries at a click.

The detailed check, frequently right down to the house number, supports you in securing a continuously high quality for your address data. In keeping with the idea of international working, addresses can be validated in a wide variety of languages and typesets: we guarantee character interpretation by means of so-called transliteration. Since the solution is Unicode-capable, it not only supports the Latin writing system but also character sets like Arabic, Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Katakana, Hiragana or Hangul. The postal validation software is based on extensive reference databases which are constantly updated in the background, in order to provide a high result quality. While you optimize your database almost effortlessly, you can concentrate completely on your key business know-how and experience.

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International geocoding provides you with a precise breakdown of your address data into longitude and latitude. For example, efficient logistics only function with reliable delivery addresses and detailed route planning. Successful direct marketing is based on dependable marketing planning with consideration given to demographic analyses. Enriching your address data with a geocode can therefore give you a decisive competitive advantage!

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