360° Customer View in Multichannel Retailing

How to better know your customer and create a 1-to-1 communication

Retail store, E-Commerce, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Call Center or E-Mail – the channels that enable you to communicate with your target group are expanding more and more. Today´s customers gained a high level of mobility and move around different channels to get information, compare products and take a buying-decision. In this environment the recognition and identification of a single customer gets even more complex.   


  • Are you offering your customer the right product, on the right channel in the right time? 
  • Do you know how many customers you actually have?
  • Do you know what the needs of the single customer are? 

By not knowing your customer, you are unable to deliver a tailored offer and communicate with him or her 1-to-1.

A seamless transition between all channels is a requirement to guarantee a direct and personalized communication with your customers. The fulfillment of this does not only open up the opportunity for a lasting relationship but has also high cross- and upselling potential. This potential is based on a holistic view on customer data due to a Smart Customer MDM solution.

On 11th June 2015 Uniserv Academy organised a Business Seminar in Milan focused on topics driven by the everyday changing Multichannel Retailing. Nearly 50 participants listened to various experts and learned which challenges they have to face nowadays and what the solutions are.

Due to the strong demand for this topic and the overall positive response, Uniserv Academy is organising an Italian webinar as follow-up on the 9th July 2015. Join the session and learn how to better know your customer, identify his needs and communicate personally. 

Join the webinar of Uniserv Academy for free and get practical insights.