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Auto-completion – Data acquisition in real time

Autocompletion – Intelligent Data Acquisition

The competition is just a couple of clicks away

Digital technologies open up new perspectives and possibilities to consumers and businesses. Germans are keen to use these opportunities and spend more and more money on the internet. According to a study of the auditing and consulting company PwC German online shoppers are buying more often on the Internet (36 percent) than in the same period in a store (31 percent).

However, success in e-commerce includes user-friendliness and convenience for the customer next to the price. As the competition is just a few clicks away, retailers have to simplify the order placement as much as possible. Complicated and circumstantial order forms increase the bounce rate and threaten the cross- and up-selling potential.

Data acquisition in real time

How to make the ordering process even more quick, easy and comfortable for the customer? Our solution: Data acquisition in real time. Autocompletion opens a drop-down menu for each entry or change of an address element as soon as the customer starts inputting. Just as in popular search engines the search gets refined the more characters are typed in. Not only the bounce rate gets reduced but typing errors within the address registration (address validation) are avoided. It saves time and costs for corrections or support.

What helps your customer also benefits your employees. Whether responsible for customer services or CRM systems: employees often have to record data from customers, suppliers or business partners. Without the right support it costs a lot of time and nerves. If Autocompletion is integrated in your company applications, addresses can be comfortably recorded within seconds and time requirement and the risk of error during data entry are dramatically reduced.