Business Seminar in Milan and Rome: From Big Data to a 360° customer view

On 24th in Milan and 26th in Rome Uniserv Academy was organising again a Business Seminar targeting an interested audience as Managers responsible for the CRM Management, Marketing and Sales in the leading Italian and international companies.

Business Seminar in Milan

Over 70 involved participants joined the Seminar to learn more about Big Data, optimisation of marketing campaigns and how to improve data management to gain more success and higher ROI. Five overall engaged experts and gurus lead through the agenda and gave valuable insights into the hot topics.

As a host Alberto Boggetti guided through the interactive event where the attendees permanently had the possibility to join the discussion and get answers to their business pains. Lucio Lamberti and Sonia Belluschi from Politecnico di Milano gave insights in how to get the best potential out of ones data in the era of Big Data explaining with various best practices.

Afterwards Gabriele Fernandez, a Global Retail & Marketing Expert, explained why the relationship with the customer is the key to success and how to achieve it.

In the next presentations of the seminar the audience listened to various best practices from different sectors and got answers on how to solve problems for example within marketing campaigns and customer approach due to an optimised customer data management. Next to Alicia Spinelli, who presented different cases from the publisher and babycare industry, Dejan Stefanovic represented the company Eurofides. The Italian company is very successful in the eCommerce sector and is a model example that also small and mediumsized businesses need to improve their customer data management and achieve great results after doing that.