Do you know your customer?

New infographic! What are the most common challenges within organizations and what can happen if organizations struggle with these challenges?

This infographic will explain this with facts based on a real example and will explain how the Smart Customer MDM solution will solve these problems. The infographic will be explained step-by-step underneath.

Do you know your customer?


Unsatisfied Customers

It takes more effort to get an unsatisfied customer back at your company than to win a new customer. Keep your customers satisfied, because 81% of all satisfied customers is more likely to repeat business with you!

Constant Global Changes

We are competing against the rest of the world. Global markets change constantly and it is up to you to follow-up. Problem is, it is hard to follow-up on every market, as the amount of information may be overwhelming. Can keep up with the rest of the world?

Hard to Reach/Interact

Personalised communication is important for the customer to understand you and to feel understood. To do this, we need to identify the customer, to know what is important to him and what he really wants us to do for him. Can your customers understand your messages or are you often misunderstood?

Right Timing

Right timing has been important for years already, but has also been one of the most difficult aspects of business since the beginning. Can you time your communication or are you often behind on time (or even too early)? How do you know what the best timing is? 


Focus, focus, focus; it is easier said than done. Don’t we all wish we could point a magnifying glass at our customers to see all their details? How do you make sure you will send the right message to the right person at the right time?


Human2Human (H2H) communication is becoming more common by the day and your customers are expecting you to be able to do this. Can you send out messages with a personal touch to all your customers?

What if I cannot cope with these challenges?

Inefficient Marketing

Your marketing department will burn away its resources inefficiently due to problems with the above mentioned challenges. The department feels powerless and the management sees it as a cost center instead of a profit center.

Reputation Loss

Unsatisfied customers will not stay loyal to your brand, we all know that. But what does this mean? Bad word of mouth is a logical result and something you cannot control as a company. Customers will not do business with you again and the longer you wait the more costly it will get to regain that customer. Take control and make your customers satisfied!


Loss of reputation is just the first step of decline. Your customers will go to the competition and when they are helped in a more satisfying way, they will stay there. Your reputation loss will make your competition happy!

Why does this happen?

Incorrect Customer Data

Incorrect customer data is one of the driving factors towards unsatisfied customers. You cannot expect a customer to like being addressed wrongly or getting offensive offers on products they already bought for a higher price. These are just two examples of mistakes happening due to incorrect data.

Systems are not Connected

This insufficient knowledge is often the result of the multiple systems within an organization which are not connected. Important information within the sales department is not or cannot be shared with the marketing department and as a result wrong offers are made. Can you check all information available of one particular customer within your organization?

The Customer is Unknown

As a result we will have the ‘’Unknown Customer’’. It is impossible to find out who this customer really is, you do not know anything about his behaviour – what he is interested in. In other words, you cannot predict his future actions and not communicate with him properly.

Incomplete Customer Information

Also, you might have incomplete customer information. House numbers, phone numbers, even email addresses are missing. Communicating is next to impossible and important potential customers are missed out on. 

Is there any solution?

Yes, there is one solution: creating a golden record of your customer profiles. This is easier said than done, so why not use a little bit of help to establish this? The Smart Customer MDM is there to help you connect all systems within your company and selecting the correct, important customer data to put together in one Single Customer View. Have all challenges solved with just one easy solution!