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Duplicate matching for correct address data

The Uniserv solution for duplicate cleansing

Everybody involved with data cleansing in a CRM or data warehouse project, or who has dealt with the tasks of list management in direct marketing, knows the problem: consolidating address data without a unified reference number.

The topic of duplicate addresses (duplicate matching) is not only about reducing costs for mailing actions. For successful CRM, fast and reliable customer identification must be guaranteed. But this is only possible when no duplicated records for the same customer are made when address data from different business areas and departments is combined, 

Only when the technical pre-requirements for the Single Customer View have been created, can the expectations in the CRM system be fulfilled. Therefore, it is essential that all heterogeneous customer information and address data, with different writing styles, and also without a unified reference number, is combined to a golden record. 

Higher security with duplicate matching

Our many years of experience, knowledge, and specially developed error-tolerant search procedures, deliver exceptionally high quality results for duplicate matching. Elimination of duplicates increases certainty of decision when having to make a risk check, or when deciding questions of credit worthiness. It gives you an overview of your customer – a potential for profit and success certainly not to be ignored! The duplicate cleansing system is flexible, enabling automatic creation of different views of address stocks, e.g., at personal, household, or building level for consumer information. 

Identify duplicates with Uniserv Identity Resolution

With Uniserv Identity Resolution, we provide a tool which delivers excellent duplicate cleansing results both in B2C and B2B fields – flexibly, and according to your individual demands. Uniserv Identity Resolution has international knowledge bases with the various importance of address terms, typical structures (syntax) and applicable rules. Optimal matching results are guaranteed in every case.