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Error-tolerant search

High quality data business-wide, with efficient, error-tolerant search and duplicate recognition of all data objects in real time.

To achieve consistent, correct and duplicate-free data company-wide, powerful tools are needed to efficiently detect erroneous data and duplicates.

Multiple records stored in differing forms increase IT costs and lead to incorrect information - and this can cause wrong business decisions to be made. When data has to be exhaustively researched and corrected, this reduces employee productivity and delays operative processes.

Thorough, high quality data however, is the optimal basis for lean and flexible business processes in all business areas. It provides representative forecasts and reliable business planning, and enables strict observance of compliance guidelines.

A real-time solution is particularly suitable for searching through individual datasets, because it immediately delivers precise and reliable results. Uniserv identity resolution is mainly used in situations where business data in unformatted fields (text data) has to be identified and searched, possibly together with formatted fields. These special analysis and search abilities are particularly useful for text fields such as article, product description, book or music title, author or artist name, building site, or project definition. identity resolution always allows the search magnitude to be reduced with a wide range of search attributes, combined with error tolerance (fuzzy logik, phonetics, synonyms …). This means that despite any errors caused by writing, reading or listening mistakes, the necessary data is found simply and fast, and duplicates are automatically identified and avoided.

Uniserv identity resolution is a powerful tool for real-time search and checking of individual business datasets in all business applications and for improving data quality company-wide. Uniserv identity resolution uses dictionaries, similarity, dismantling and context rules; as well as other analysis parameters which can defined specifically for branch or project. A special search index for the error-tolerant search is loaded at the start and updated regularly, synchronised to the respective database.

identity resolution helps you to:

  • Detect and avoid duplicates 
  • Consolidate information about existing data from different sources 
  • Search and find objects in data stocks fast and efficiently 
  • Enrich datasets with supplementary information by matching against external directories

With Uniserv identity resolution you can increase data quality in all business applications:

  • MDM systems – e.g., product data search as part of product information management (PIM)
  • CRM systems – e.g., search for sales chances and articles
  • ERP systems – search for product and material master data
  • SCM /procurement system – search for product and material master data, supplemented with conditions, supplier data, etc.
  • Data migration and integration –  search for every type and form of business data
  • eCommerce/Web Shop – product data search to help the consumer find the desired product

The combination of a real-time search and comprehensive data match during batch processing provides you with continuous improvement of your business data quality, company-wide.

Demo: error-tolerant search

In the product demonstration section, you can gain an impression of how you can use mailRetrieval to search and identify addresses error-tolerantly in your database.

On the basis of various use scenarios, you will become acquainted with the performance spectrum of mailRetrieval both in the "consumer application" (Business-to-Consumer) and in the "business application" (Business-to-Business). Press the "Go" button to call up the respective duplicate lists for the individual scenarios. If you wish to change from the "consumer application" to the "business application" or vice versa, simply click the button.

All the underlined items have a Help Text which provide you with valuable and interesting explanatory information. The selected examples refer to the countries China, Germany, France, Greece as well as Russia and the USA. They are representative of the data matching expertise of Uniserv with more than 20 countries as well as the Unicode capability of the data matching software mailRetrieval.

The address material used in the software demonstration is made unidentifiable, so that no inferences can normally be made about real individuals. The company names used occasionally coincide with real companies; however, this is only used to illustrate the individual content of product services in this demonstration.