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EU General Data Protection Regulation

EU General Data Protection Regulation

The future of personal data in enterprises

The goal: uniform data protection in the entire EU

In international comparison, Germany is often referred to as the country with the strictest data protection laws. However, contrary to this understanding of the protection of personal data, the desire of many companies to collect and evaluate as much data as possible from their users and customers is also often a problem, as is the need to process e.g. employee data for administrative purposes. On 25.05.2018 the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) comes into force. It forms the basis for future uniform data protection in all 28 EU countries.

Adapted to the technical conditions of the present and partly looking ahead to new trends, the EU GDPR also deals in particular with topics concerning the electronic data processing. The rules and restrictions laid down in the regulation are intended to ensure the protection of the data and the personality rights of EU citizens. It therefore applies not only to cases in which the headquarter of the processing company is located within the EU, but as soon as it is data from EU citizens.

Ready, steady, go! Your 6-Point plan to prepare for the EU GDPR

In the case of violations of applicable law, sensitive penalties of up to EUR 20,000,000.00 or 4% of the consolidated turnover may be imposed. For most companies, the new regulations are causing changes to processes and IT systems. This Whitepaper supports you in the evaluation and preparation of your information landscape and processes. With a 6-point plan, we illustrate the relevant fields of action and an exemplary approach to preparing for the entry into force.

EU General Data Protection Regulation

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