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General Data Protection Regulation

Uniserv EU GDPR Audit – Have a clear look on your processes

We analyze your data and equip it to adapt your processes and data to the EU GDPR

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) comes into force on 25.05.2018. This in turn strengthens the right to consumer self-determination and thus restricts the possibilities for the processing of personal data by companies. The processing of these data is also subject to stricter conditions.

Companies must inform the customer entirely about the type, purpose and scope of partially or fully automated data processing. The customer also has a comprehensive right to information. This means that companies must be able to communicate all collected data to the customer in structured form.

Uniserv GDPR Consulting - From the location determination to the applied solution

Many companies today have neither processes nor systems designed for this. Personal data are organized in silos, incomplete, inconsistent and full of duplicates. The full scope of the need for action is not apparent, concrete measures can only be taken with difficulty. In order to get a qualified picture, Uniserv offers the Data Quality Audit to the EU GDPR. Our Data Quality experts will help you understand your processes and information logistics. In addition, we analyze your data and make the extent of quality transparent. You will get an overview of the gaps as well as a concrete action plan. You are then ready to adapt your processes and data to the EU GDPR.

General Data Protection Regulation

Learn more about the process and the results of the EU GDPR Audit in the Fact Sheet.