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Gruppo Selecta uses Uniserv

Master data management at the highest level – Gruppo Selecta uses Uniserv.

Selecta, one of the major Italian business communication providers, has decided to use a core component of the Uniserv’s Customer Data Hub (CDH) for its services in Italian market. CDH is the solution for the Master Data Management (MDM) of Customer Master Data in B2B and B2C environments.

One of the solutions that will help Selecta deliver better services for its customers is the postal validation module for Italian addresses. This product enables batch processing operations in data quality and direct marketing applications to be defined, executed, tracked and evaluated via a graphical user interface. Postal validation will boost better mail delivery to the end users, and will leverage the outcome from the customer data. These solutions are primarily important for the companies in the telecommunications and public utility industries. Such companies possess lots of customer data, where the accuracy, completeness and error-free data is the key to success.

By means of the optimised master data, Selecta and its customers can leverage their marketing and sales processes , increasing efficiency while reducing costs.

About Selecta

Gruppo Selecta is one of the major companies on the Italian market, and one of the most relevant in Europe in the field of printing, document management, and business communication and marketing services. It can count, among its customers, more than 200 Credit Institutions, all the Italian telecommunication companies, 120 utilities, main insurance institutions and some of the largest Italian industries.