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Gruppo Sociatà Gas Rimini implements the data quality solution of Uniserv

Gruppo Sociatà Gas Rimini has decided to implement the data quality real-time postal validation solution from Uniserv in order to improve their customer communication.

The data quality solution from Uniserv validates, completes and corrects addresses from Italy. In the case of communities with several postcodes for residential delivery points, assignment of the valid postcode is provided on the basis of the street, the house number and, where necessary, the town district. The spelling of the place and the street are corrected as far as possible. The error-tolerant search algorithm results in a high assignment rate even if hearing, reading or typing errors falsify the input or the input is incomplete.

Gruppo Sociatà Gas Rimini has also decided to purchase the street directory. This supplement allows covering nearly all municipalities in Italy, also those which are not covered by official postal street directories for municipalities with several postcodes.