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Datenqualität bei Philip Morris

Philip Morris chooses Uniserv once again

Pforzheim, 28.05.2019 – Philip Morris Deutschland, with its corporate headquarters in Gräfelfing, near Munich - the German affiliate of Philip Morris International, the worldwide largest private sector manufacturer of tobacco products - continues to ensure its data quality with Uniserv.

Uniserv’s DQ solutions provide customers worldwide with comprehensive and relevant aspects of wide-ranging applications and operational fields covering data quality. The central pillars are operative data quality (optimised data quality in operative applications such as Web Shop, CRM or ERP), strategic data quality (measuring data quality), platform data quality (securing investments in enterprise architectures), as well as process data quality (minimising risks by using accurate data made available at the right time in the business process). 

But data quality is not just a one-off action. Instead, data analyzing, data cleansing, first time right and data governance should work together continuously to provide the ultimate in optimised data.
A sound data basis is decisive in this era of artificial intelligence, digitalisation and machine learning. Data is today’s competitive factor number 1. Based on a foundation of high-quality data, new business models can be developed, new target markets revamped and one’s own entrepreneurial creativity converted into constant growth. Uniserv provides the expertise and services necessary for this technology from a single source.

About Philip Morris

Philip Morris International Inc. is the largest private sector manufacturer of tobacco products worldwide. The group sells cigarette products in more than 180 countries and has a share of 15.5 percent of the worldwide tobacco market. Six of the fifteen bestselling cigarette brands belong to the group, including Marlboro, the bestselling cigarette worldwide. It has also become well known as a sponsor of the Formula 1 Team Scuderia Ferrari for many years. The company changed at the end of March 2008 following the formation of a new affiliate by the former parent company Altria Group, Inc. Today, Altria continues to market its US business with the Philip Morris brand, whilst PMI is responsible for all markets outside of the USA. It is headquartered in New York City, USA and its operative business is conducted from Lausanne, Switzerland. Philip Morris Deutschland is located in Gräfelfing, near Munich. More information at