Porsche Holding Salzburg decides in favour of Uniserv for its Data Quality
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Porsche Holding Salzburg decides in favour of Uniserv for its Data Quality

Data Quality Management in the Automotive Sector

Pforzheim, 30.01.2019 – Porsche Holding Salzburg decides in favour of Uniserv for its company’s data quality.

Uniserv’s solutions for data quality enable customers to cover all relevant aspects of the widest range of applications and operative fields, both nationally and internationally. The central pillars are operative data quality (optimised data quality in operative applications such as Web Shop, CRM or ERP), strategic data quality (measuring data quality), platform data quality (securing the investment in enterprise architectures), as well as process data quality (minimising risks by using accurate data made available at the right time in the business process). Because data quality is not just a one-off action or a “one-shot hot fix”, data analyzing, data cleansing, first time right and data governance should work together continuously to ensure permanently optimized data quality.

In these times of digital transformation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, data has developed into a central competitive factor, making a high quality database a critical success factor. Based on a foundation of high-quality data, new business models can be developed, new target markets reworked, and one’s own entrepreneurial creativity converted into constant growth. Uniserv provides the expertise and services necessary for this technology from a single source.

About the Porsche Holding Salzburg

Porsche Holding Salzburg is Europe's largest automotive retail company, operating in 21 countries throughout Europe, as well as in Colombia, Chile, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. 
The Salzburg-based company was founded by Ferdinand Porsche's two children, Louise Piëch and Ferry Porsche. In 1949, the siblings laid the foundation for the successful development of Porsche Holding in Salzburg with the launch of Volkswagen Beetle imports and sales in Austria. 

Today, Porsche Holding Salzburg represents the Volkswagen Group brands in wholesale (as importer), retail (through its dealers) and after-sales business (service). The company also covers the entire spectrum of automotive trading, with spare parts distribution, a full range of automobile financing services and in-house IT system development. 

Porsche Holding Salzburg became a 100 % subsidiary of Volkswagen AG in March 2011, thus contributing decades of know-how to the automotive business of Volkswagen Group global sales. At the end of 2017 the company employed a workforce of 29,300; selling more than 789,800 new vehicles and generating a turnover of 22.4 billion euro. 

More information unter www.porsche-holding.com.