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Smmart Post puts its faith in Uniserv

Data Management in the field of Direct Marketing Services

Pforzheim, 18 April 2016  – The Italian provider of direct marketing services, SmmartPost, with headquarters in Palermo will use several data quality tools of Uniserv for the processing of customer address data. The goal is to increase the success of mailings significantly with the improved quality of the address data. This investment became necessary, in particular because of the growing number of institutional clients, for which a high deliverability is essential, especially when it comes to official or legally relevant mail. In this case the postal validation and workbench for data quality are applied. These components are embedded in the MDM platform DQSH (Data Quality Service Hub) of Uniserv.

Smmart Post - Data Management

DQSH is a technological platform for data management. It unites the products Data Analyzer (data analysis), Data Cleansing, Data Protection (First Time Right) und Data Governance (Data Monitoring) under an uniform interface. Thus everything is available, what is needed to deal with the classical project scenarios of Data Management (master data management, data quality initiatives, data migration and data warehousing.
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About Smmart Post

Smmart Post is a company which offers Direct Marketing Services. It is based in Palermo and was founded by the entrepreneur Giuseppe Terranova in1988. To begin with, the focus was on industrial printing, but growth and decentralization were well to the fore in the following years with the opening of new locations and the addition of further business areas such as the printing and distribution of account statements and invoices (water / gas / power). Over time, greater emphasis was placed on Direct Marketing Services, which shaped the business operations. In this respect, the goal is to achieve a high level of efficiency and service quality with concentration on the most important customers, such as the municipalities of Milan, Bologna and Syracuse, the province of Brescia and the regions of Piedmont and Lombardy.

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