Uniserv Academy Business Seminar: Ready for Digital Transformation

Challenges and Opportunities of the Digital Transformation and how the Customer Journey changes

Digital Transformation – a term that is unavoidable in today´s business. A term that is affecting Marketing, Sales, Customer Care, CRM and overall management now. Everybody talks about its importance and inevitability, but the fact is: While 82% of organisations wanted to integrate social and digital in 2015, only 36% had a plan. So maybe we need to go a step back and find answers for the questions:

  • What is digital transformation exactly?
  • How does it affect business today and how it will affect tomorrow?
  • We hear theory, but how does it look like in practice?
  • What can I do in my company to start getting digital ready and provide Customer Experience?
Business Seminar - Digital Transformation

On 28th April 2016 Uniserv Academy organised a Business Seminar in Milan focused on topics driven by the omnipresent digital transformation. Nearly 60 participants listened to our experts and learned which challenges they have to face nowadays and what the solutions are. 

During the seminar the questions above got answered and the speakers examined the newest trends in theory and practice. The audience received deeper information about what digital transformation actually is and our advice on how to transform into a digital company ready for today´s needs of your customers.

Business Seminar - Digital Transformation