Big Data made Smart

Full house at the Business Seminar of Uniserv Academy in Utrecht

It is not long ago when Big Data was on everyone´s lips and a new hype rised. And now? A new term occurred: Smart Data. But what does smart data mean and is big data dead already?

No, it is not. Big Data as a concept is essential and plays a key role. But companies that rely on big data to make strategic decisions and try to create positive customer experience are missing the point. In order to use data effectively, it is needed to turn big data into smart data. Instead of just looking at the numbers and making wild guesses about why something works or doesn’t, people who work with data have to humanise it and essentially become ‘data whisperers’.

In our free Uniserv Academy Business Seminar three experts discussed about current trends and conducts within Smart Data and gave theoretical and practical insights. The particpants learned how smart data works and how it can enrich their strategy to gain positive customer experience in the company which affects the customer loyalty, cross and upselling potentials and last but not least your ROI. 

The high level speaker Mark Dijksman, owner of the BigData.Company, gave entertaining insights in today´s world of big data and showed why it is crucial to give it lot of attention. Afterwards Stephan van den Bremer from IgnitionOne and Tom de Waard from Danone gave extraordinary insights in their business cases. 

The solution for Smart Customer Data Management

The Uniserv Smart Customer MDM helps marketing and sales departments to achieve a unified, complete and up-to-date image of their customers and to make it available for all areas of the company. Employees have the information they need and customer care improves; employee satisfaction increases, the activities of sales and marketing are more transparent, controllable and steerable, and thereby more successful. In short: Better Data – Better Business!