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Uniserv products certified for SAP HANA

Pforzheim, 24.11.2014 – the Uniserv products DQ Connector Post RT and DQ Connector Identity RT have been certified by SAP for use with SAP HANA.

As a result, two core Uniserv data quality tools can now also be used with the SAP in-memory database. This means that Uniserv now offers SAP users a comprehensive solution for the quality assurance of their address data.

With the aid of Uniserv Post and Identity Resolution SAP HANA users can improve and continuously secure the quality of their customer and address data. In areas such as sales, marketing, professional services and help desk, the high data quality ensures a uniform 360° customer view. Core functions of the Uniserv connectors are automatic address checking and avoidance of duplicates. 

Uniserv Post enables companies to ensure that customer and supplier addresses are recorded correctly and completely. This reduces your marketing costs and avoids loss of image through the incorrect addressing of customers. For example, correctly maintained data in the CRM system (trough Data Cleansing) avoids undeliverable or double mailings. In addition, departments can address customers more efficiently with the aid of up-to-date and correct data and improve customer service. In the SAP environment, Uniserv Post enables: 

  • quick validation of addresses for up to 246 countries in real time 
  • automatically generated shortlist after the input of ambiguous addresses
  • automatic checking of postal correctness and correction during data entry
  • enhancement with additional address elements
Uniserv products certified for SAP HANA
Uniserv products certified for SAP HANA

Uniserv Identity Resolution checks data collections during entry and editing of customer data for duplicates. In the SAP environment, Uniserv Identity enables:

  • error-tolerant searching  in real time
  • display of suspected duplicates directly in the SAP system including immediate possibilities to change the data

"When processing large amounts of data, SAP users benefit considerably from the high performance of SAP HANA. Uniserv makes sure that the data is also complete, correct and up-to-date," explains Holger Stelz, Marketing & Business Development Director at Uniserv. "Our cooperation with SAP goes back to 2002. The continual updating of our certifications for SAP solutions provides a guarantee for our common customers that they can always successfully implement their master data management with the most up-to-date technology."

Certified are:

DQ Connector post 5.2 RT – for address checks
Interface: BC-BAS-PV
Here you can find the SAP certificate for the address check issued to Uniserv.

DQ Connector identity 5.2 RT – for matching duplicates
Interface: BC-BAS-DES
Here you can find the SAP certificate for duplicate matching issued to Uniserv.