Uniserv Upgrade Packages - Software Release 3

Get the most out of your Uniserv solution - with the Software Release 3

We bring your DQBT or Realtime components up to date and manage the entire upgrade process for you

You are currently working with the Uniserv Software Release B or C? We bring your Uniserv solution up to date! Always staying on the ball with our upgrades means to have access to the latest features and improvements. This allows you to be sure that you optimally exploit the potential of your Uniserv software.

The optical and functional innovations not only give your customers within the customer experience, but also the direct users of the software considerable advantages. Also customer requirements are better covered by our licensing model. Take a look at new additions and improvements such as Auto-Completion, Full-Text Search, or the release for the postal check.

Auto-Completion complements Uniserv post

Auto-Completion reduces the input complexity to a minimum and provides your customers or employees a better customer experience. With Auto-Completion, a drop-down menu is opened each time you enter or change an address item as soon as the customer starts typing. This menu is filled with suggestions that correspond to your previous input. Our service can easily be integrated into various applications, e.g. the web shop, to improve the customer experience or the CRM system, to optimize your own processes.

Full-Text Search for identity Real-Time

With the new Full-Text Search, the user can enter any information in a single field. identity then finds the matching records in fractions of a second. This improves usability, especially in applications with a variety of possible search attributes, e.g. Name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, customer number, bank details, etc.

New browser-based interface for administration of Uniserv Real-Time Services

With the new graphical interface, you can administer and configure all services, regardless of the computer on which they are installed, via a uniform interface. The built-in alert feature allows you to set up e-mail notifications when services fail or when quality-of-service limits are exceeded.

New features for Uniserv post

This release contains numerous improvements for the postal check. The highlights are:

  • the full integration of CEDEXA data from the French Post to address large-scale customers
  • the improved treatment of so-called secondaries (such as apartment details) in US addresses
  • the optimization of the dissolution of ambiguous locations in the Data Quality Batch Suite

Simplified integration of Uniserv Real-Time Services

With this release, you can address all Uniserv Real-Time Services via a REST API in addition to the already available SOAP interface, making it even more flexible and easier to integrate into web and other applications.

A more detailed description of the new features and improvements can be found here >>

You want to work with the most innovative features in data management?

Our experts provide you with full support during the preparation, planning and implementation of the migration to your system. This includes a parallel re-installation of the software release on the computer as well as the manual transfer of configuration data from the existing Uniserv installation. You will recieve from us:

  • Installation of the software & licence
  • Take over the jobs
  • Check the running capability of the installation
  • Introducing new features
  • Update report

We have the right upgrade package for you

Are you currently working with the software release B or C? Do you use the Data Quality Batch Suite or Uniserv Realtime components? We have the right upgrade package for your requirements and systems. Learn more and download the relevant factsheet!