What is the single customer view?

Advantages of the Single Customer View

A targeted customer approach and sustainable customer loyalty are decisive competitive advantages. But although the information necessary already exists, it is often spread around the company. Data silos prevent a 360° customer view and inconsistencies in the data dilute the customer image.  Result: unrealized cross- and upselling potential, unsuccessful marketing campaigns and compliance demands which cannot be observed.

All these challenges can be solved by getting a complete picture of your customer information. The advantages of implementing the Single Customer View can already be noticed from the start. Implementing the project will take significantly low amount of time, especially when compared to other solutions on the market. With an implementation time of only up to 3 months the systems will be ready to deliver golden records very quickly. And that is not all: the implementation costs are lower as well.

Not only implementing the software is efficient and effective, the software itself will make everyday business activities easier to handle. By combining customer information from different departments throughout the company, customer related projects will be easier to carry out and will have a greater impact.  This will have a positive effect on the revenue and customer satisfaction, as you know which customer to address and which subject to communicate. Customer satisfaction often results in commitment or a durable customer relationship, which creates new opportunities for up- and cross-selling.

The system and easy-to-understand dashboards are accessible on any time of the day. So whenever you need to change, update or just have a look at the customer information, the Single Customer View will be there for you. It creates a 360˚ view of your customers and can handle as many customers as you want. Whether you have 10.000, 1.000.000 or 10.000.000 customer records – you will be able to get a Golden Record from each of them.

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