SAP - Single Customer View - Part 1

Why do you need a Single Customer View
on top of your SAP? Part 1

You are probably looking at this infographic, because you use an SAP ECC, SRM or CRM system to support your daily activities. SAP systems have many positive sides to them. But have you ever had a better look to the challenges you face in your SAP landscape? The infographic shows common “headaches” when using SAP. In this article, we are speaking about how you can solve such challenges as time and money investments by implementing the Single Customer View solution. Lowering your budget for SAP projects as well as reducing project time are just two of the many benefits, which can help you be more successful in your marketing activities.

Save Time & Money

SAP can be expensive to use, especially if you want to integrate customer data from multiple systems. Even connecting an ECC to a CRM system often is cumbersome. Marketing is nowadays is done with a multitude of tooling, and each tool needs data coming from your ECC or CRM system. With the Single Customer View solution from Uniserv you do not need to change your systems. It is easy to integrate with SAP and even easier to serve as a hub and connecting to all your other systems. No long implementation times and lengthy projects, just easy and quick. This saves you significant effort, time and after all costs.

Be More Efficient

Searching within SAP can be often a process of long waits. And fuzzy searching even requires more mouse clicks. Ever tried to find and merge duplicates in your SAP systems? With the Single Customer View, it will only take two clicks and you will get a Golden Record of your customer. Do you need to find a prospect or customer in your system? You can find him within milliseconds; just use the rapid search function. It is as simple as “googling” the person you want to find – just google him in your SAP system.

How does it work?

The Single Customer View MDM solution from Uniserv means that exhaustive programming, plus the time needed for adaptation, as well as the time-consuming software maintenance usually required, are all now outdated. Uniserv’s Single Customer View requires neither a complex integration project, nor any change of currently existing data models. Based upon the principles of lean integration, this approach enables fast presentation of the first, operatively pertinent results and gradual incorporation of further customer data domains into your systems within the SAP environment. This reduces costs, whilst at the same time keeping the project itself lean and the project risk calculable. The rapid implementation of MDM solution with its high scalability, plus our targeted behaviour with the data, enables tangible additional value to be evident after just three months. Your positive return on investment (ROI) will soon be evident.

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