SAP - Single Customer View - Part 2

Why do you need a Single Customer View
on top of your SAP? Part 2

In our previous article we have been talking about some of the common challenges that users are facing in the SAP environment. While they were concentrating mostly on how you can save your time and investments using the Single Customer View solution, here we would like to show you how you can be more effective on the operative level.

If you’re working with SAP, you might know how challenging it can be to find one single customer in your system. Or, sometimes you might want to start a marketing campaign to a certain group of customers. And your colleague from another department also wants to start a campaign, to the same group of customers. The challenge you might face is that neither of you knows about the intentions of each other and you’re using different sources of the customer information. Result: The same customer receives 2 emailings with the similar contents. This behaviour is not bringing your forward. With the Single Customer View, both you and your colleague will take the information about your customers from one single source. This is a so-called Single Point of Truth (SpoT) – a place with all information your company has about the certain customer.

Another possible scenario which you have probably faced is finding the duplicates and merging them into one record. The Single Customer View enables you to get all information about each customer from only one contact. Even if this contact is spread around different systems in different records which can’t be deleted for the financial and billing reasons. And if one of those records has been changed (e.g. the user has added a new email address in the webshop) this change will be automatically spread to the other systems and the Golden Record in the Single Customer View system will also be updated.

Have More Control and Flexibility

Having control over your database of prospects and customers is very important. Be sure that your database is correct and that you are capable of getting access of all the customer information you possess. Single Customer View assists you in taking control and working flexibly. Record changes are easily and quickly done in all systems. Thus, customer data stays up-to-date at all time in every department, in each store and in each warehouse. Erroneous and incomplete records are shown in a convenient interface which is easy to understand and simple to handle and improve. Your Data Stewards will be able to work with it at once and will just love it. 

How does it work?

The Single Customer View MDM solution from Uniserv extracts and consolidates customer master data from a wide range of heterogeneous data sources (e.g. SAP ERP, SAP CRM, Webshop, external and other systems). Before integrating the information from these various sources into the Single Customer View, Uniserv’s data quality tools will have already ensured that all the data is clean, structured and up-to-date. This means that the data quality mechanism is active immediately during initial data collection, and that the consistency of customer data from every source of data is guaranteed. External data (such as from purchases or from data suppliers) can be imported cleanly, simply and quickly.

Thanks to identity resolution, you avoid redundancies within your data storage arrangement and can determine the unique identity of your customer throughout all processes and systems. This qualitative optimised data can be consolidated to a Golden Record, i. e. SpoT. Individual sets of rules enable leading datasets to be automatically processed and supplemented. Synchronisation of the golden record with the source systems is also possible as required.