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Below you find news, events, press releases, specialist reports, white paper, best practices and many more all about customer data management.


Expert Interview about Digital Transformation in the energy sector

The digital transformation has also entered the energy industry and determines the agenda of the companies. Five questions to Sven-Patrick Schymik, b.telligent's EVU expert.


Uniserv Service Packages

With our three different service packages, we offer a good solution to efficiently support time-consuming maintenance work and to relieve your internal know-how carriers. Learn more.


Uniserv Upgrade Packages

We bring your DQBT or Realtime components up to date and manage the entire upgrade process for you. Learn more about our upgrade packages!


MDM & Data Governance Summit in New York

Meet us at the MDM & Data Governance Summit, the leading conference showcasing the top software and data management solutions.

Business Topics

Digital Transformation and energy supply companies

The challenge of digital transformation and what it means to energy supply companies.


Uniserv at the MDM Summit Europe 2017

This year Uniserv is participating at the Master Data Management Summit Europe on 15-18 May 2017 in London.

Business Topics

The “Four Musketeers” of data quality working together

For sustainable data quality in the closed loop Data Analysis, Data Cleansing, Data Protection, and Data Monitoring is needed.

Business Topics

Anti-Ageing for Data

Stop the gradual ageing of customer data - with professional data quality management


Uniserv Software Release 3.0

Take a look at new additions and improvements, such as Auto-Completion, Full-Text Search, or the release for the postal check.

Business Topics

Make your data ready for winter!

Prices of relocation hits by Deutsche Post Address are rising - Act now and save money!