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Read here about project scenarios supported by our Data Management Solutions, and how they accelerate your projects, optimise business processes, and enable important decisions to be made based on reliable and safe foundations.

Uniserv Data Management solutions support the following project scenarios

Data Quality

The foundation and basic prerequisite for optimised processes in a company is thoroughly trustworthy company data covering all areas and departments. Duplicated and erroneous datasets hinder processes and make business statements and decisions questionable. Uniserv data management solutions ensure the high Data Quality necessary for efficient operative and analytic business applications. Once the data quality level is achieved and regularly monitored, it will accelerate your business processes - and create a potentially major competitive advantage not to be underestimated.

Data Warehousing

With Uniserv Data Management you really can integrate all company data throughout your entire company. A unified, high quality Data Warehouse enables quick analysis of all data available, thus enabling prompt reactions, e.g., to market changes and trends. Highest-possible data quality standards stand in the centre of Uniserv’s philosophy and its product offers. Uniserv data management not only allows you to integrate data from different data sources - it also ensures high quality data conforming to the highest demands throughout your company. With this data quality as a foundation, you can confidently make business decisions.

Data Migration

Integration of new data stocks following a full or partial company takeover usually has to be done fast. Customer, supplier and article master data must be unified and consolidated, and made available at short notice. Uniserv’s data management solutions ensure that no duplicated records or incorrect data is transferred from the newly acquired company or business unit; because high quality data is the key for successful Data Migration too. Optimised data stocks will accelerate your business processes considerably - and reduce your costs significantly.

Master Data Management

High quality customer master data is the capital of every company. With Master Data Management solutions from Uniserv, you can create a unified view of your customer master data. This so-called “Single Customer View” raises your customer relationship to a new level and opens completely new possibilities for you in the fields of sales and marketing (e.g., up- and cross-selling). No matter whether it’s a case of caring for existing customers, or acquiring new customers: with a 360° view, you have your entire customer master data in view at all times. Uniserv data management supports you during the whole data life cycle. Centrally or de-centrally collected master customer data is monitored continuously, and any erroneous entries found can be corrected automatically. Your data is kept permanently up-to-date.

Our data management solutions

Uniserv data management solutions enable you to integrate your business data company-wide. A basis of unified, high quality data enables the user to rapidly analyse the information, and react promptly to market tendencies. You can make fast and well-founded business decisions - thanks to optimised data management.

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