360° Customer Data Management

360° Customer Data Management

Creating a single 360° customer view

Business success is closely tied to efficient customer master data management. Companies are required to keep their customers firmly in view across the widest range of business and project scenarios, such as mergers and acquisitions, compliance, data governance and CRM migration, as well as to improve marketing efficiency. But to be able to do so, a prior comprehensive view of the customer across all channels is necessary.

A 360° view puts you in a better position to understand the needs of your customers and to deal with them with targeted actions. But in many cases, it is here that there is often a clear need for improvement, i.e., better exploitation of potential opportunities. In reality, customer data is often spread around in different applications throughout the entire company. Databases for these applications are mostly not linked to each other, and are kept in widely differing heterogeneous data sources and data structures. Therefore, to find all information available about a particular customer, a search must be made of the contact data in each individual system. This needs time and is most inefficient - especially when a prompt reaction is needed for a customer enquiry.

The pre-requisite for a comprehensive customer view is error-free, up-to-date and readily available master data, whereby correct matching to avoid redundant items and to ensure smooth synchronisation of master data back into the source systems both present particular challenges.

Our Solution

Uniserv’s Customer Data Hub is an elegant solution for consolidating customer master data originating from the widest range of heterogeneous data sources and structures into a single golden record. This golden record can be automated with individual rule sets, and when necessary it can be manually processed and its quality optimised as required. The methods we use here are standardised. On this basis, you can create a 360° customer view and give optimal attention and deepen business relationships to your customers.

Your Advantages

  • Use of the golden record for creating a single 360° customer view
  • Data standards as required by business for viewing its customers
  • Support for functions with high-quality customer master data
  • Integration of several operational function areas
  • Cost optimisation with standardised methods
  • Indisputable data containing all relevant information

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