Data Quality Initiatives

You need a concrete roadmap for your Data Quality Initiatives? 

Enterprise master data can be optimised by various DQ-Initiatives with Quick Wins and Long-Term Wins. We have identified various initiatives from which an individual action catalogue can be derived.

These initiatives include

  • initial cleansing of data with batch processing 
  • setting up a data quality firewall to ensure that only high quality datasets enter the system
  • individual optimisation measures 
  • adaptation of processes and rearrangement of the system landscape until all data is available in the form required
  • employee training to develop a conscious awareness for sustainable, high quality data

The above points show that the data quality can not only be optimised by software solutions. The integration of processes, systems and employees rather plays a major role. We have therefore developed an action model that leads you to a permanently clean data basis within five process steps.

Read our Whitepaper to learn more about how you can get clean customer data and effective customer communication in 5 steps:

  1.  Identifying the symptoms of poor data quality
  2.  Requirements analysis: Determination of a status quo of data quality
  3.  Establishment of a measure catalogue: Added value DQ-Initiative  
  4.  Selection of the right software solution
  5.  Implementation

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