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Improvement of our SaaS RT Infrastructure

At Uniserv we are continuously working to optimise the service we offer you. As well as the many smaller improvements we regularly make to our software, systems and processes; every so often we also take a major step.

The next such step will be taken in April 2015: Uniserv will then relocate the infrastructure necessary for deploying its SaaS solution for individual record examination (SaaS Real-Time), to an external data centre. Our service has a very high level of availability (99.9% in 2014!), and this investment will provide added protection against any potential major failure caused by a breakdown in the infrastructure, or an interruption of the internet connection. It represents yet another, important step Uniserv is taking, to ensure that you, the customer, always enjoy the best possible availability of our services.

Please note the following information: 

  • You will receive email notification of the exact date of changeover at least one week before it is due to take place.
  • The changeover involves a change of the service IP address. This is performed transparently via DNS and there should be no service downtime.
  • Not affected by the changeover are the batch processes using our SaaS Batch Service directly, or as DQBT processing with a hybrid post step.

INCIDENTALLY: We decided to include a data centre run by TelemaxX Telekommunikation GmbH for the changeover, because it is a highly modern, well equipped company, providing high levels of guaranteed availability and excellent data protection standards (certified acc. to ISO/IEC 27001).

If you have any questions regarding the changeover, please do not hesitate to Opens window for sending emailcontact us.

Your Uniserv Team