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Uniserv takes over Grecco

Uniserv takes over Grecco

Takeover creates a comprehensive, single-source market presence

Managing customer data over its entire life cycle is a crucial factor when dealing with the ever-increasing quantities of data occurring in companies today. But it involves far more than just straightforward data quality management: it includes new, non-IT fields, such as Marketing and Sales, and Data Governance/ Compliance. With the takeover of Grecco B.V., Uniserv has completed its product portfolio and is therefore well equipped to deal with this evolution.


Uniserv GmbH has taken over the Netherlands software company Grecco B.V., together with its company headquarters in Amsterdam, to 100 percent. The purchase contract was signed on 26th February 2014 and the transaction completed immediately. All parties involved agreed that the purchase price remain confidential. Grecco has been a strategic partner for Uniserv since 2013 and following the takeover will be integrated entirely into the Uniserv organisation. Together with Grecco, several POCs have already been implemented and the first contracts in the field of customer master data management have been signed. During the forthcoming months, the first customer solutions will commence productive operation. Grecco technology is immediately available as the “Smart Customer MDM” solution and marketed as the “Uniserv Customer Data Hub”.

During its almost 45-year company history, Uniserv has achieved an exceptional reputation for its expertise in all aspects of data management. Numerous international customers confidently place their trust in the performance of Uniserv and its solution competence. For about the last 15 years, the focus has been upon finding and providing solutions for data quality management. This is the foundation upon which Uniserv is further building its strategic development as Europe’s leading software and consulting company for customer data management.

The takeover explicitly includes all Grecco employees, staff and management. The Amsterdam offices and location will continue as before (only the company and product name has changed) and will serve as the Uniserv branch for the BENELUX countries.


The background for the Grecco takeover is formed by two major trends on the market in which customer data plays a key role. The first trend is the networked customer, who justifiably expects that companies have comprehensive information about his/her history and wishes to be kept informed about new developments at all times and all points of contact. The result causes the second trend - a noticeable shift of IT budgets to marketing and sales.

The Uniserv Customer Data Hub collects customer data from the widest range of data sources. It subjects the data to comprehensive quality checks and controls, and then returns it to the original application for further use. Uniserv thus ensures the creation of a so-called “Golden Record" a unified, fully-complete and absolutely up-to-date customer dataset.

This Golden Record can be used e.g., for CRM applications, financial and ERP solutions, support and service software and marketing solutions. The Uniserv solution gives a company an all-round view of each and every customer. This provides the company with a firm basis to improve customer service targeting, to control marketing campaigns more precisely, and to direct sales activities towards those customers where the prospects of success are most likely.

Data Governance

A further field to be introduced by Uniserv following the Grecco acquisition is Data Governance. This management function is dedicated entirely to controlling and monitoring data-drawn processes in companies. The role of the “Data Steward” is that of an interface function in companies; ensuring company-wide, unified and compliant behaviour with all customer data, whilst relieving specialist departments from performing this non-specialist task.

This field has a high growth potential. Once a company understands that its data is actually valuable capital which should earn interest; it cannot avoid implementing measures for central control of its data. With its newly expanded product portfolio, as well as with its professional services, Uniserv can give companies all the support necessary for this step.


  • Was does Uniserv anticipate following this takeover, and what are Grecco’s expectations?
    The Grecco team expects to be able to work even more successfully under the umbrella of Uniserv and to even faster realise the visions of the leading Customer MDM system on the European market. Because the product ranges from Uniserv and Grecco complement each other perfectly, Uniserv expects to speed its development in the market for customer MDM. The Grecco Customer MDM solution is an ideal opportunity for Uniserv to market its own Data Quality and Data Integration tools as a central component of the Customer Data Hub. Data Quality and Data Integration tools are important functions for the Grecco MDM solution, without which a customer MDM solution has little use. Future close coordination, optimised tool integration, as well as modification of the behavioural model for consultation, makes us certain that we can offer our customers a highly interesting and extremely competent complete solution.
  • There is a lot of talk about Master Data Management. Will Uniserv cease being a provider of Data Quality solutions?
    Quite the opposite! We view data quality as the heart of our solution portfolio. But the tasks our customers have to deal with far exceed just straightforward data quality management. Instead, they must increasingly ensure that unified, complete, and fully up-to-date customer data is readily available for all relevant applications across all departmental boundaries – and this is only possible with centralised Master Data Management. It is precisely this technology that is now provided by Grecco and completes the circle for our current and future customers.
  • Will the Uniserv product /sales strategy change following the takeover?
    Uniserv is now a complete provider for customer Master Data Management (Customer MDM). The dual organisation of direct Uniserv sales with its professional services and partner sales remains unchanged. The integration of Grecco technology and further development of Uniserv as a leading MDM provider opens exciting new opportunities!
  • What does the Uniserv product road map look like following the takeover? When will Grecco be made available?
    Grecco technology has already been implemented in collective test concepts together with Uniserv products within the framework of the prior strategic partnership. During the next few months, solutions for the first customers will enter productive operation.