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Data Quality on Demand – Software as a Service

Do your data volumes tend to be smaller in size? Do you have to deal with ad-hoc tasks? Would you prefer not to have software installed yet? If so, data cleansing in the cloud is the right answer for you. With Data Quality on Demand you can use all data quality functions simply and comfortably via the internet as Software as a Service (SaaS). You do not need to install any software or have your own IT administration. Data quality services from the cloud are a fast and uncomplicated alternative to locally installed solutions. Only the services actually used are paid for.

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With our data quality on demand solutions, quality management of customer data and addresses is easy

The web-based product from Uniserv is suitable for ad-hoc optimisation of individual data sets and for periodically cleansing larger data volumes. The quality level is monitored and optimised immediately during data input, and address data and bank data are checked interactively. No matter whether the data originates from your web shop, CRM system, or ERP system; all incorrect input data is reliably corrected and duplicated entries identified immediately. Datasets can be made even more valuable and useful by enrichment with additional information; such as geodata (x-y coordinates).

As well as short project times, higher scaleabilty, and flexibility, you also benefit from simple integration: an internet browser is all you need. You can integrate data quality functions into your business applications simply by using a web service. Data quality from the cloud means that you reduce complexity, and at the same time increase your flexibility and availability. Data quality on demand is also suitable for customers who just want to use the services sporadically, or only to a limited extent. You pay only for what you actually use. There is no strain on your budget and calculation certainty is guaranteed.

The advantages of our Data Quality on Demand Service at a glance

  • Short project times
  • Minimum risk
  • High scalability and flexibility
  • Simple handling ensures high user-acceptance
  • Calculation certainty
  • Low complexity
  • Minimum infrastructure necessary
  • Simple integration into other web applications
  • High availability

The Hybrid Model – intelligent linking

A perfect combination of data quality on Premises and on Demand

Companies regularly involved in dealing with large volumes of customer and address data, mostly rely upon a traditional software solution when dealing with data quality. In this case, the readiness and necessary means to install, service and maintain a software solution are all available. But smaller companies are often ignored. Data quality services from the cloud however, offer a fast and uncomplicated alternative to locally installed software, and in many respects are more suitable for smaller data volumes. The gap in available services up until now has been filled by the Uniserv Hybrid Model; a perfect combination of data quality on Premises and on Demand – not an “either/or” decision - but instead, an “as well as” solution. Take advantage of both worlds: Cleanse your data flexibly and keep it readily available.

Our SaaS Solutions stand for Quality and Security

You do not need to worry about the security of your data

DDV-Siegel für Datenverarbeitung

Your data is safe with us: High-level security precautions restrict access to our computer centre and the data it contains. Encoded data transfer with SSL protocol and an explicit undertaking by our employees to maintain absolute data confidentiality are fundamental to our company policy. The data being processing is protected from unauthorised access by a multi-level firewall-based security system. Our company strictly observes and complies with all rules, regulations, and guidelines stipulated by the German federal data protection laws (BDSG). We are certified by DDV (a quality stamp awarded only to companies who allow an independent examination of their data protection measures). Our customers can be certain that their data is dealt with according to prevailing data protection regulations.

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