Oracle Siebel CRM Software – Higher data quality by Uniserv

Oracle Siebel CRM + Data Quality = Factor of success for your company

Oracle Siebel CRM is one of the leading CRM platforms and is used by companies of all sizes to optimise every aspects of the customer relationship: in marketing and sales, in the contact center, in partner relationship management, inquiry and order management, for customer data integration, and much much more.

Oracle Siebel CRM

However, even the best CRM system is only as good as the quality of the data which is stored and used. In particular, customer, contact and address data play a key role here.

Incorrect addresses and duplicates markedly reduce the efficiency and cost effectiveness of a CRM system: the consequences include undeliverable mailings, dissatisfied customers, non-payments, additional costs for research and postage and therefore almost ineffective marketing campaigns. A Single View of the Customer is thereby prevented - and thus the basis for strategic and operative business decisions and close customer relationships.

Benefits of Uniserv Data Quality & Orcale Siebel

  • guaranteed high quality data in the Oracle Siebel CRM system
  • highly efficient sales and marketing processes
  • satisfied customers and stronger customer loyalty
  • motivated employees, who with a well maintained CRM system adequately represent the demands of corporate quality during their external contact to customers

Integrating the data quality functions of Uniserv into Oracle Siebel CRM contributes significantly to the enhancement of its data quality. When company or contact addresses are created or changed, they are automatically checked for correctness by means of the postal validation function post and for duplicates by means of the functions of Identity Resolution – directly at data entry.

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  • Postal address check – contacts or addresses getting automatically checked 

  • Identity Resolution – clearly identify your customer and create a 360° customer view 

Functions of the Data Quality Connector for Oracle Siebel

  • Check (and where necessary, correction) of addresses
  • Check for possible duplicates

If a duplicate or an ambiguous address is suspected, a list of the addresses or duplicates is displayed. After selecting a suggested duplicate, you can change the data directly in the case of a new entry. If existing data needs to be changed, you can merge it with the found duplicate to create a single data record. In addition to this, the DQ-Connector offers an error-tolerant search , by means of which you can use known data segments to find contacts or companies which have already been stored in the quickest possible time.

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