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update Software AG is one of the leading suppliers of Customer Relationship Management solutions. The company offers sector-oriented CRM systems for life sciences, financial services, the manufacturing industry and the construction and building supplies industry.

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The key aim of any CRM implementation is the realization of a complete view of customer data across the enterprise ("Single View of the Customer"). Only by this means can customer relationships be strengthened and new sales potentials efficiently exploited.

Nevertheless, incorrect, duplicate and incomplete address and customer data often thwart this aim and also cause unnecessary costs. The consequences are fatal: undeliverable items entail a high amount of research and extra costs for postage. Dissatisfied customers switch to the competition. And ineffective marketing campaigns caused by poor segmentation of customers are expensive and clear the way for competitors. The arising shortfalls in payments compromise the cash flow and liquidity of your company in the long-term.

The integration of Uniserv data quality functions in update.seven helps you to increase the data quality in your update CRM system.

After installation and activation of the Uniserv functions, the postal validation post and the duplicate search identity are automatically executed for new entries or change of a contact. The user is offered a selection if there are ambiguous addresses or duplicates are suspected,. If the user chooses a suggested duplicate, the application automatically branches to the change dialog for the selected record. Company and contact addresses are therefore automatically analyzed and cleansed directly on creation.

Increase the data quality in your update.seven CRM system efficiently and flexibly with the UNISERV DQ-Connector and obtain the basis for effective operative and strategic business decisions with a single view of the customer.

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