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Customer Data Hub – efficient customer data management

Uniserv Customer Data Hub

To be able to operate worldwide whilst at the same time maintaining close local customer contact across all channels - such scenarios present a major challenge for many companies. In today’s highly dynamic and extremely competitive market, a targeted customer approach and lasting customer loyalty is decisive for maintaining competitive advantage. However, even though the required information is already available, it is often kept in heterogeneous IT systems spread throughout the entire company, i.e. customer data is fragmented. To view all information available regarding a customer (e.g. to evaluate a particular customer’s turnover), an individual search must be made of all the data stored in differing formats in different systems; or it must be integrated in an expensive process. This is time consuming - and especially when the task involved is time-critical - inefficient too. Data silos hinder a 360° view of the customer and inconsistencies in the data itself ‘dilute’ the customer image, resulting in sub-optimal customer service that annoys customers. Cross- and up-selling potential is not fully exploited and compliance demands cannot be maintained.

The solution: A central register within which quality-assured customer data deriving from all channels and organisational areas is combined and consolidated. Our individual and cost-attractive master data management solution, with its focus on customer master data, Smart Customer MDM, enables you to make reliable and up-to-date customer master data available throughout your company. The customer data hub enables you to supply your operative and analytic processes with the correct partner data, thereby creating the foundations for your commercial success. By implementing the Smart Customer MDM solution from Uniserv, you always have consistent, up-to-date and readily available customer master data.

Customer Master Data managed quickly with our Customer Data Hub

The Customer Data Hub from Uniserv extracts and consolidates customer master data from a wide range of heterogeneous data sources. Before integrating the information from these various sources into the customer data hub, Uniserv’s data quality tools will have already ensured that all the data is clean, structured and up-to-date. This means that the data quality mechanism is active immediately during initial data collection, and that the consistency of customer data from every source of data is guaranteed. External data (such as from purchases or from data suppliers) can be imported cleanly, simply and quickly.

Thanks to Identity Resolution you avoid redundancies within your data storage arrangement and can determine the unique identity of your customer throughout all processes and systems. This qualitative optimised data can be consolidated to a Golden Record. Web-based data stewardship interfaces help you to define and administer appropriate sets of rules, guidelines, workflows and processes from within the framework of data governance. The data quality achieved is supported long-term.

The Smart Customer MDM solution from Uniserv means that exhaustive programming, plus the time needed for adaptation, as well as the time-consuming software maintenance usually required, are all now outdated. Uniserv’s Customer Data Hub requires neither a complex integration project, nor any change of currently existing data models. Based upon the principles of lean integration, this approach enables fast presentation of the first, operatively pertinent results and gradual incorporation of further customer data domains into your MDM solution. This reduces costs, whilst at the same time keeping the project itself lean and the project risk calculable. The rapid implementation of the MDM solution with its high scalability, plus our targeted behaviour with the data, enables tangible additional value to be evident after just three months. Your positive return on investment (ROI) will soon be evident.

Master Data Management from Uniserv offers you the following advantages

  • 360° customer view: improved level of process quality with reliable, consolidated customer master data across all areas, applications and databases
  • A lean, cost optimised Master Data Management solution: fast implementation with a focussed approach and standardised methods
  • Rapid return on investment ROI
  • A holistic and reliable data quality concept with support for operational data governance
  • Increased turnover from improved cross- and up-selling, optimised customer loyalty and targeted customer approach
  • Compliance with national and international guidelines: compliance, KYC, reporting

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