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Prevent data quality loss with Data Governance

Within the Data Quality Service Hub, Data Governance serves to automatically monitor data quality during running operations. The data quality measures implemented can only take effect sustainably and effectively, when the master data quality is continuously monitored and reported. Otherwise the quality level achieved can gradually deteriorate again.

Loss of data quality is often first noticed when it is too late. Processes no longer run optimally, targets are missed, and trust in your own customer data sinks – and the call for more rapid trading becomes loud.

Data Governance supplements the DQ firewall which you have built up with Data Protection, and gives you early warning of conspicuous entries, which can then be dealt with by Data Cleansing. This means that the Data quality Service Hub gives you the necessary means to ensure that reliable customer data is available throughout the whole company, which you can trust always and everywhere.

Data Governance from Uniserv offers many features

  • Graphic Editor for simple creation and management of complex data quality rules
  • Graphic designer allowing several rules to be combined to jobs by drag & drop, and to be linked with concrete customer data
  • Comprehensive collection of connectors for the widest range of databases, file formats, and applications
  • Integrated Scheduler, with which these jobs automatically carried out at specific times and in in specific intervals
  • Predefined actions, such as automatic email despatch when particular threshold values are exceeded
  • Configurable diagrams which visualise the results of a rule – both as an individual, one-off result, or as a trend

Data Governance provides you with the following advantages

  • Data Governance acts as an early warning system, which promptly warns you of any deterioration in data quality
  • Time saving; enabling you to implement countermeasures before your business processes are seriously affected
  • Controlled and documented effectiveness of the data quality measures undertaken
  • Rapid view of where subsequent adjustments may have to be made
  • Jobs and rules can also be created without any programming knowledge, thanks to the graphic designer and graphic editor
  • Reliable customer data throughout the entire company, which you can trust always and everywhere

Effective data monitoring with Uniserv's Data Governance

Monitoring data quality with Uniserv Data Governance is a major partial aspect of the Uniserv Data Quality Life Cycle. It is based upon the targets and rules already set by you, and thereby keeps your data at the most up-to-date level. Data Monitoring is not an end in itself; it also serves as a sensor for data quality weaknesses, before these can have negative effects on the target system. Data Governance takes over these monitoring functions, by orientating itself on the data quality initiatives and guidelines you have defined, as well as on their necessary changes.

No matter whether it is a matter of data quality initiatives, or data migration projects, or data integration projects: Data governance gives you the certainty of being able to limit any negative effects of unreliable customer data in your company as far as possible, and to avoid costs and clearly reduce project risks. Check your customer data proactively.

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