Data Protection

Data Protection – sustainable quality

Once a certain level of data quality has been reached with analysis and cleansing, it must be maintained in the long-term. The most effective and economical way to ensure the quality of the customer data is to ensure that only data enters in the system which is suitable for the intended use. Uniserv Data Protection will help you to achieve this. According to the principle of “First Time Right”, data protection reduces the effort required for subsequent corrective measures to a minimum. With Uniserv Data Protection and the accompanying, thorough implementation of DQ checks directly at the places where customer data can enter the system, any gradual pollution of the customer data can be hindered. The implementation of a DQ firewall is the proper approach.

Based upon an analysis of your customer data with the Data Analyzer and Cleansing with Data Cleansing, with Data Protection you create the foundation for comprehensive data quality management. With the Data Quality Service hub from Uniserv you ensure the data consistency necessary for your processes and applications.

Data Protection Features – what it does:

  • Realisation of all DQ-relevant checks when making a new record or when altering existing datasets
  • Tailor-made DQ firewall with all Uniserv DQ functions
  • Data protection offers a graphic Workflow Editor, which saves having to program thousands of source code lines
  • Graphic user interface enabling interactive Workflows to be defined in a few steps with drag & drop
  • Company-wide deployment of the DQ firewall as a web service
  • Problem-free integration of DQ functions into the DQ firewall, and thereby into the company applications with connectors
  • Listening, reading and/or typing errors are identified and corrected with Data Protection immediately during the input of addresses in CRM and ERP systems, and similar datasets are found despite deviations in writing style and characterisation

With Data Protection from Uniserv you profit from the following advantages

  • Increase of productivity by 10x to 20x for the creation of complete, interactive processes
  • Fast and uncomplicated creation and deployment of interactive DQ processes
  • International address check world-wide
  • Identity Resolution Engine for the optimizing real-time applications for consumer and business addresses
  • Tailor-made user model of the international address check, dependent of data quantity and cost structure – as a classic installation solution, via Software as a Service or in the Uniserv hybrid model
  • Cost reduction for creation, maintenance, care and expansion
  • Problem-free integration in the widest range of systems and applications
  • Simple maintenance with change-friendly workflow view instead of source code
  • Data protection supports load spreading and failover functions (not available in all editions)

Find instead of search – With Uniserv Data Protection

During daily business, situations frequently occur through customer enquiries, on the service hotline or on the telephone when taking orders, in which fast reliable access to customer and supplier information, account or contract data must be made without a clear reference term being available. This repeatedly presents the challenge of finding individual customer data in the data stocks despite only partial information being available or when the manner of writing is unclear.

The usual functions for searching and for automatic completion of incomplete customer datasets means that the user must first identify and enter the right partial data. In the case of incorrect, or inaccurate input however, these functions fail completely. Uniserv Data Protection supplies you with the information sought at the press of a button, also when search terms are incomplete, inaccurate or written incorrectly.

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