Data Management Technology Platform

Data Management Technology Platform

The Data Quality Service Hub with its technical basis offers you in all situations a unified user interface and a close meshing of "understanding customer data", "cleansing customer data", "protecting customer data" and "monitoring customer data". Because Data Management Projects – no matter of what type – bring a wide range of technical and organisational challenges along with them: including control of resources, behaviour with the actual customer data and its Meta information, version and storage of individual project components up to keep technical aspects, such as failure safety and distribution. Our Technology Platform supports you with all these tasks and their results.


  • In a central administration unit you can manage users, allocate role-specific rights and administer projects and their interdependencies.
  • A central and complete versioned repository contains all relevant components for your projects. You can always clearly monitor the origin, construction and version of your customer data, and avoid a jungle of data sources and targets, as well as your structures. It identifies dependencies and can analyse the changes to data structures beforehand, and gauge and evaluate the possible effects on your project. This is a major component for minimising risks and estimation of your data management projects and the effort necessary.
  • All allocated employees work hand in hand in the data projects; reusable components can be shared with each other and even between different projects. You avoid doubled work and ensure that your defined standards and your processed data quality rule sets are used correctly at all times and at every location.
  • Automatic documentation, backup functions and many other supportive functions round off the whole packet, giving you the possibility of focussing on the really important things in your project – your data.

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