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On Premise or on Demand

Data quality always works

Fact is: Data quality plays a major role in optimising company planning and control, exploiting new business potential, minimizing risks and lowering costs. What you need are holistic data quality solutions to efficiently raise your data quality in all business applications and areas to the highest level. The only question is: how you should use these solutions?

With Uniserv you receive the solution best suited to your individual demands and IT strategy: on Premise, on Demand or as a hybrid model.


Large data quantities, complex functions – Data Quality on Premise for experts

If you have to continuously monitor, analyse and cleanse large data volumes; an on-premises data quality solution is probably the best solution. Because of the high address and data volumes, and the frequent and intensive use; the investment in locally installed software will soon pay for itself. You no longer have to give your data to an outside facility for cleansing. Important in this case is that you can re-orientate your IT strategy so that you can operate your data quality solutions yourself.

Smaller data quantities, simple processes – Data Quality on Demand as a practical service

Do you only have to ensure data quality for smaller data volumes and in greater time intervals? If so, Data Quality on Demand is the right answer for you. It enables you to use all data quality functions via the internet, and needs no software installation or IT administration. You reduce complexity, and at the same time increase your flexibility and availability. And the highlight: you only pay for actual use, thereby making noticeable savings to your budget.

Individual success mixture – Data Quality on Premise and on Demand

Countless scenarios support the idea of data quality solutions on-premises and on demand. A large number of applications too, benefit from a combination of both solutions. With our Hybrid Model you can, for example, combine your existing on-premises solution with individual on-demand services. This can be of interest when you frequently have to perform jobs with large data volumes, whilst having to deal with other tasks at the same. The overriding factor is that you alone decide which way is the best and most efficient for achieving higher data quality.


You benefit from all Uniserv data quality solutions, on-premises and on demand, e.g.:

  • Precise, consistent and duplicate-free data in all IT systems and heterogeneous IT infrastructures
  • Well-founded business decisions based on correct and updated information
  • Effective dialogue marketing /direct marketing activities with higher response levels due to precise target group selection
  • Efficient operative business processes
  • Stronger customer relationships because of the single view of customer on the basis of up-to-date, correct and duplicate-free customer and transaction data
  • Reliable cash flow without payment delays or malfunctions due to erroneous order, customer or bank data

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