Uniserv Academy Webinar

The Uniserv Data Activity Board

Your Solution for Intelligent Data Stewardship

When: Wednesday, 30th September 2020 at 10:00 (Portugal, GMT+1) / 11:00 (Germany, GMT+2)
Who: Carlos Guerreiro, COO at DataLab & Andreas Koppenhöfer, Data Quality Consultant at Uniserv 

Time and again, your data quality and data management activities cause situations that require targeted post-processing and optimization of individual data records. Instead of dealing with countless Excel lists, unclarified responsibilities and a great amount of time, you can control your manual maintenance activities simply and effectively with the help of the Uniserv Data Activity Board. 

Let us show you in our webinar:

  • Why not all data records can be cleansed automatically
  • The core features of the Data Activity Board (including a live demo)

          - Individual definition of issue types 
          - Controlled management, allocation and monitoring of data issues
          - Targeted correction, improvement or enrichment of data records (also supported by Uniserv DQ Real-Time

  • How the Data Activity Board can benefit your data governance activities
  • How the Data Activity Board cooperates with other Uniserv solutions such as the Data Quality Batch Suite, post or identity