Data Protection & Data Security

Data Protection & Data Security

As the specialist for Data Management we know of the extreme importance of the data protection of the data security. We have a wide range of protective measures designed to protect your address data from unauthorised access. Work in our computer centre is performed as a so-called “closed shop” operation. Uniserv strictly observes and complies with all rules, regulations and directives of the Federal German Data Protection Laws (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz - BDSG).

DDV Stamp for Data Processing

DDV-Siegel für Datenverarbeitung

Once again Uniserv GmbH has received the DDV approval stamp for data processing (Council DirectMail Services, Print and Services). Therefore, companies who have their customer data dealt with by Uniserv GmbH are assured of receiving highest quality data according to their individual wishes, as well as having the certainty that their data is handled according to all prevailing protection directives.

The DDV awards a quality stamp to service companies involved in processing data for customers. This quality stamp is given exclusively to companies that allow close examination by an outside data-protection testing company.  Within the framework of the examination, a check list with more than 120 questions must be answered and local checks must take place at regular intervals. Also, a comprehensive data security concept, proof of employee training, and much more, must be proved. The stamp is valid for one year.

Our recommendation

For the safe despatch of your data, we recommend sending your data by ISDN, data carrier, or alternatively by with PGP-encoded email. The latter requires you to have your own PGP program for generating your personal key. Please note that that in certain countries, despatch with PGP encoding requires permission. PGP-encoded email sent inside Germany does not require any permission.