The Uniserv Smart Data Check

Smart Data Check

For successful sales, for entrepreneurial planning reliability, for efficient marketing and for good customer service you need high-quality customer data: "Data fit for use". But do you actually know anything about the quality of your customer data?

"The Smart Data Check is a detailed and reliable analysis of your customer data."

Our Data Quality Coaches will guide you through the project: quickly, transparently and above all without any further obligations or hidden costs.



What is the Smart Data Check?

With the Uniserv Smart Data Check you gain an exact overview of the current status of your data and evaluate it according to standardized data quality criteria. On the basis of the results, a score is calculated for each validated field up to a combined overall score. In a follow-up appointment, our Data Quality Consultants will guide you through the subject areas, discuss the results of the Smart Data Check and provide initial recommendations for action. In this way, you receive a valid estimate of your potential data cleansing costs. 


The service packages at a glance

  • Data transfer & preparation
  • DQ analysis according to standard rules
  • DQ-Workshop 1 man-day (duplicate search)
  • DQ analysis according to customer-specific rules
  • Interactive DQ Scorecard
  • Number of measuring points
  • Adjustment simulation
  • Data Activity Board with exemplary test cases
  • Presentation of results & recommendations
  • Use of external data brokers
  • Data sources / data systems
  • 5 rules
  • 8 weeks
  • 2
  • 1 man-day on site or remote
  • 3 data systems
  • 16.900 €
  • Custom matching
  • Individual
  • Individual
  • Individual
  • Individual
  • Individual
  • On request



How do you benefit from Smart Data Check?

From over 50 years in the market we can honestly tell: We do know our business! The quality of your data stock is evaluated using standardized dimensions and metrics. Personal data, address data and communication data are checked for completeness, correctness, uniqueness and accessibility, among other things, with the help of our proven Data Quality Solutions. Test us - we are happy to support you! 

Smart Data Check - Data Quality

Clear and measurable
Data Quality. 

Smart Data Check - simple implementation

Simple & fast

Smart Data Check - no additional installation

No need to install
additional solutions. 

Smart Data Check - Coaching

Coaching by
DQ experts. 

Smart Data Check - Basis for future DQ projects

Valid basis for
future DQ projects.

Smart Data Check - no obligations

No additional

Smart Data Check - cost transparency

Complete cost

Smart Data Check - decision basis

Strong foundation
for decisions.