Your path to optimal Data Quality

Data Quality Consulting

To get the most out of your data, you need to understand, maintain, protect and monitor it. Our goal is to maintain the quality of your customer data at a high level throughout its useful life - from analyzing the data inventory and initial cleansing to implementing a data quality firewall in applications to prevent ongoing data contamination and continuously monitoring the data quality achieved.

1. Data Analyzing

Enlighten the Dark.


To take appropriate measures to improve quality, your data must be in a clear state - preferably before you start projects such as migrations, data quality initiatives, master data management or data warehousing. Our Data Quality Consultants help you to deliver reliable information on the nature and quality of even large amounts of data. 

Your Consulting Services: 

  • Status quo and evaluation of the potential of your data quality
  • Individual ROI analysis for the use of professional DQ solutions 
  • Recommendations for action and joint definition of measures 
  • Identification of future protection mechanisms  

2. Data Cleansing

Data quality not data chaos.


Data Cleansing creates the basic requirement for optimized workflows and processes in your company: reliable company data that can be used for all purposes. With the help of the proven Uniserv Data Quality Solutions, our consultants support you in cleansing, reconciling, consolidating or transforming your data - according to your own rules or with the support of a multitude of best practice settings. 

Your Consulting Services: 

  • Architecture planning, installation and configuration of the Uniserv Data Quality Solutions
  • Managed Data Quality Services: As an external service provider, we clean up and enrich your data in our data center
  • Data Preparation: Make Your Data Fit for Use 
  • Holistic consulting in dealing with business partner master data 

3. Data Protection

Sustainable Data Quality.


Once a certain level of data quality has been achieved through analysis and adjustment, this needs to be maintained in the long term. The most effective and economical way to maintain data quality is to only insert appropriate data into the system. The "First Time Right" principle reduces the effort required for subsequent corrective actions to a minimum.  

Your Consulting Services: 

  • Support in the implementation of a Data Quality Firewall 
  • Identification of protection mechanisms to maintain your data quality 
  • Support in integrating the Uniserv Data Quality Soluions into your system landscape 

4. Data Governance

Keeping an eye.


The implemented data quality measures can only have a lasting and striking effect if the quality of the stored business data is continuously monitored and reported. Otherwise, you run the risk of gradually losing the quality level you have achieved. Our Data Quality Consultants help to identify rule-based deviations from quality targets so that you can track their trend over time. The results are recorded in a corresponding report and are thus always comprehensible for you. 

Your Consulting Services: 

  • Configuration of Dashboards and Visualization of KPIs 
  • Definition and implementation of early warning mechanisms 
  • Support in the creation of rules and the clarification of responsibilities