xDH: Special Data Hub for your individual product

Special Data Hubs

Individually tailored to you and your needs.

Do you want to find out even more about your customers and business partners? Do your requirements exceed the norm? If so, we can accommodate your special requirements with our Special Data Hub (xDH) solutions.

With the aid of additional apps for the Customer Data Hub, you can connect individual solutions together, tailored to your needs. Many other solution scenarios are possible in the same way. Thus, you can easily integrate the functionality of a modern data management component into your solution.


Benefits for your branch

You can expand the basic Customer Data Hub with specific requirements for your branch, your business, or specifically the challenge you are currently facing.

The special data hub enables you to individually implement your requirements and integrate them into the system. This extension works because you can supplement and integrate your individual specifics with the CDH. The basic functionality of the Customer Data Hub is enhanced by your demands. Here are some of the solutions we have already implemented:

The solution for your requirements

We can also incorporate and enrich specific data with individual hubs that expand the Customer Data Hub, so that your market-specific challenges can be optimally fulfilled. Do you want to connect additional source systems or improve your processes?

If so, a special data hub provides the perfect solution. Together with the CDH's high-quality and consolidated database enriched with your branch data, the xDH will expand your solution exactly to your needs.

Logistics - Optimised delivery processes

The logistics branch is booming, but, at the same time, delivery problems are increasing too, because of low data quality and poor scheduling.

The remedy is optimised route planning based upon specially enriched address master data with geo-coordinates (creation of the golden profile). This reduces loading times of delivery vehicles, improves reporting and controlling, and even enables a prior check for a possible Saturday delivery. The result is enormous savings in time and money for your business.

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Heterogeneity - Merging data sources

Are your data sources so fragmented that creating a golden record seems impossible? Are you missing a unique company ID, meaning that your internal IT department cannot carry out efficient data migration?

With the help of the Ground Truth, you can create a Golden Record from any number of data sources and thus increase the benefits, especially for departments, and particularly for marketing and sales.

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Data Governance - Regulation

Legal requirements for companies are increasing steadily. In order to comply with all regulatory requirements (such as risk aggregation acc. to BCBS 239 para. 3, or the EU GDPR), a structured overview of the data collected to create a golden profile for group and business partner data is required.

Using specialised matching, the Ground Truth and Golden Profile provide you with aggregated master data and thus a 360-degree view of your customer data. 

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Trade - Customer Journey

Customers are the central focus of advertising measures; but what happens when new customer experiences do not go beyond traditional, low-impact advertising and marketing activities? With the Uniserv Customer Engagement Hub, you can pinpoint the touchpoints along the customer journey and interact with your customers in real time.

Give your customers appealing and relevant information and generate new customers and increase turnover.

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Consolidation - CRM migration

The Customer Data Hub can serve as the central Ground Truth for your data sources. Replace your legacy CRM systems with the CDH and benefit from additional services, such as duplicate recognition and postal checking, as the basis for migration from Siebel CRM, SAP ERP and Lotus Notes to SAP C4C.

You create added value for your customers and expand your portfolio by working with external partners.

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Central Administration Ground Truth

When used as the central corporate partner system based on an MDM platform and on-premises operation with managed services, the Customer Data Hub can be used as a cross-company standard for maintaining business partner and personal master data.

Create a 360-degree view of your enterprise-wide business partner and person master data and use Ground Truth as the central clearing location for this data. 

More information about Ground Truth