Address Validation & Address Check

Address Validation & Address Check

Correct postal addresses are needed to ensure that letters, goods or freight are delivered correctly. They are also a prerequisite for area analyses, branch planning, successful marketing campaigns or also for a more precise duplicate search. With Uniserv post, you validate your postal addresses worldwide: automatically, quickly and flexibly.

Address data age. Every day. Every year.

Adress Check Renaming


For example, in the course of incorporations and the associated avoidance of duplicate street names.

Adress Check streets

New streets

New developments and new renamed streets or incorporations with new street names at the same time.

Adress Check corrections


Verified changes to street names, districts, house number sections, etc.

Adress Check house numbers

House numbers

Additional house numbers of house-exact renaming, searches and new building areas.



#1 Data Quality Best Seller: Our Postal Address Validation

Ensure high-quality addresses with Uniserv post.

What exactly does it actually take for the address quality to be good? Of course: the components of the address such as street, house number, postal code and city must be correct. But a good address is more than just correct. For example, it is complete: it is difficult to work with empty fields. It is also up-to-date: in Germany alone, 11 million people move house every year. Ideally, it should also be unambiguous, for example, to avoid multiple mailings. With the help of our address validation, you can ensure perfect addresses and improve the quality of your data in the long term.



International offer




Unique knowledge base & precise search algorithms.

One thing we can promise: We know our way around addresses, and have for over 50 years. What format should an address have in the Netherlands? We know. Whether the address has to look exactly the same in Cyrillic as it does in Arabic characters? We will gladly explain. Whether there is already exactly this house number in this street in that new development area in Germany? We answer with a left.



Premium Reference Data





Fast input with Autocompletion

No matter if you are looking for an optimal input support for your customers in the order process or if you want to optimize the efficiency of your power users when creating addresses. With Autocompletion, addresses can be conveniently entered within seconds. Thanks to the selection option after just a few characters, considerably fewer keystrokes are required per address.



International offer

Whether Germany, Europe or behind the South Seas left: With Uniserv post, you validate your addresses around the globe. The detailed address matching, which is often accurate to the house number, ensures a high quality of your customer data.




Precise search algorithms





Premium reference data for Germany

Our solution comes with all this knowledge and much more. For Germany, we even add one more on top. Our in-house research team meticulously refines our German reference data with dedication. We maintain close contact with data suppliers, cities and municipalities, so that in case of doubt we can make a statement about any address within the shortest possible time.







First-class address quality with address validation from Uniserv

Quick Facts about Uniserv post:


  • Validation, correction and enrichment of postal addresses
  • Address validation directly during input (real-time)
  • Validation of entire address databases in a batch (batch)
  • Worldwide availability as well as support of a wide variety of fonts and languages
  • Extensive reference databases that are continuously updated
  • Premium reference data for Germany: in-house research team
  • Runs on all platforms


Also test our Online Demo and convince yourself of Uniserv post - our solution for address validation. You are welcome to contact us directly with questions about address validation and autocompletion. We look forward to showing you more about address validation and our other Data Quality Solutions.

Online Demo - Try out now!

Our Online Demo


The easiest way to explain how it all works is to give you an example.

Simply test our address validation in the online demo and check your address data around the globe. 

Get to know the Uniserv product world better.

Convince yourself of the performance of our data quality functions with just a few clicks.






Postal address correction saves time and money

Unchecked customer data often does not remain without consequences.

Correct customer master data is a prerequisite for actually reaching your customers. But addresses come into your company in many ways, and typing errors or misprints can easily occur, which are then transferred unchecked into the database. But to ensure that letters and goods are delivered smoothly, you need clean addresses. Because only with a good database can area analyses, branch planning and successful marketing campaigns be carried out. A good basis is crucial for all downstream processes, so use our address validation service to maintain your data and improve its quality.


Correct addresses are the key to all downstream promotions.

An accurate and up-to-date postal address is also a prerequisite for enriching company data. For example, geographic coordinates can only be added to a customer account if the associated address is correct. It is also important for an accurate duplicate search that an address check has been performed beforehand. In short, the clean address is the key to all downstream actions that require this data to be error-free and up-to-date. 


If you want to operate successfully in the market, you need high-quality data.

With our postal address validation, we offer you the optimal tool to improve the quality of your addresses worldwide. And thanks to our own reference data team, we do this in the best possible quality. In addition to address validation, we also offer other options:

  • Automatic completion of addresses directly during user input (Autocompletion)
  • Standardization of your customer data through analysis and formatting of name elements 
  • Flexible enrichment of geographic data, micro-marketing data and your own company data 
  • Regular comparison of your addresses against the Deutsche Post Adress relocation database


"Within a very short time, the Data Quality Services were implemented and today ensure consistently clean and correct address data. At the same time, Opel achieved a significant cost reduction."

Andreas Blauert, Manager CRM Strategy & Lead Management, Opel




Flexible deployment

This is how our address validation is used.

The integration of Uniserv post is designed flexibly according to your wishes. Either you install the software directly on your premises (on Premises) or you use our service from the cloud. A mixed form is also conceivable - for example depending on the country. We are also happy to perform address correction for you in our in-house data center with the help of our Data Processing Services.




Effective additional service: Autocompletion

Complete addresses in real time.

To enable you to enter your data even more quickly and easily, we offer you an effective additional service with Uniserv Autocompletion. With Autocompletion, a drop-down menu is opened each time data is entered or an address element is changed, as soon as a customer or employee starts entering data. This menu is filled with suggestions that correspond to your previous input. With each data entry of additional characters, the search refines automatically. Simply select the correct result and benefit directly from an error-free transfer into the system.

Addresses of customers, suppliers or other business partners are conveniently entered within seconds. The accelerated and comfortable ordering process of your customers reduces the bounce rate and ensures increased sales growth. By giving suggestions during the input process, you ensure that the user does not make any typing errors. Thus, you save time and costs that you would have to spend on correction and support efforts.






What does address validation mean and why is it important?

Address validation means checking postal addresses for correctness and accuracy. Clean data is so important because flawless, high-quality data is a prerequisite for reaching your customers. Since addresses enter your company and the system in many ways, spelling mistakes or misprints can easily creep into the system and are subsequently transferred to the database without being checked. Wrong addresses or formatting errors are the result. However, a clean database is the prerequisite for ensuring that letters, goods, shipments or freight are delivered correctly. 

When is address quality good and how can high data quality be achieved?

The quality is good if the address is correct. This means that the components of the address (street, house number, postal code and city) are cleanly recorded. It is also important that the address data is completely filled in. Ideally, the data record is also up-to-date and unique. Our address validation is exactly for that: with the help of address correction you get perfect addresses and improve the data quality in the long run.

How does the address correction work?

In order to check the quality of your data and make corrections if necessary, Uniserv address validation compares your address data with our reference data. Important for a good validation result are therefore, on the one hand, high-quality reference data and, on the other hand, efficient search and making technologies. And it is precisely in these two areas that the core competences of Uniserv lie. In this way, we achieve a very high hit accuracy and topicality and reduce the manual postprocessing effort to a minimum.

What is Autocompletion?

Autocompletion supports the user when entering addresses. When entering the first characters, a selection of possible results is displayed directly. The user can select from these and does not have to enter all the data himself. Ideally, the selection is combined directly with the address validation. Depending on what you want to optimize your system for, there are different ways to integrate autocompletion, e.g. as a single-line user input or on a field basis. 

How can I measure and evaluate the quality of my data?

Quality is not an absolute. In the end, your data must be so good that it supports your business processes optimally. In order to obtain an overview of the current quality of your customer data, Uniserv offers a solution with the Data Quality Scorecard which supports you in this. Here you can not only see in a snapshot how your address data is currently doing. You can also use score values to continuously monitor the progress of your cleansing and optimization measures with the address check.

Improving the quality of my customer data is a mammoth task after all. Where is the best place to start?

You have a large address database and various construction sites regarding quality? Don't be put off by the complexity of the issues. Start at one point and begin with initial address checks and cleansing processes. You will see that the benefits for your business processes will quickly become apparent. Expanding the measures later and extending them to other subject areas and address pools is no problem at all. And if you are wondering where you have the greatest potential for improvement in your data records or would like to identify this potential, we will be happy to support you, for example, with our Smart Data Check.