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Create an optimal email communication for your business

Do your mailing campaigns fail to reach their desired target? Do your customers miss receiving essential information and are they annoyed because of it? Do false registrations result in unnecessary extra work? If so, you should pay attention to your email stocks and check your email addresses. Optimal email communication with customers, suppliers and partners is only possible when their email addresses are correct. Do your emails really arrive as you intended? With Uniserv email you can simply and comfortably confirm that the correct recipient receives your email. Uniserv email checks whether email addresses have the correct format, and whether the domain really exists. Make sure that your processes surrounding email addresses run smoothly. Uniserv will help you.


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With the e-mail validation of Uniserv, you can check the format
and structure of each individual address element.

Validate your email addresses fast and simply and check whether the domain really exists.

Get to know the product world of Uniserv and convince yourself of the performance of our data quality functions with just a few clicks.

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Functions of our Email Verification

Uniserv email checks the format and structure of each individual address element. As well as checking syntax, it also confirms the existence of the addressed domain and ensures that the addressee has an email account in the domain.

Amongst other factors, the syntax check also gives warning of invalid characters, such as two consecutive full stops, or a false top level domain. The domain check confirms whether the domain exists at all, and whether it can actually receive emails. Email validation of the email account checks whether the domain is available on the mail server. In just three steps you make sure that your email can be sent to the address given. You decide which checks are necessary.

A email address check is absolutely essential when input is made via your portal or through other channels. With Uniserv email you can, e.g., verify email addresses when input is made using a web form or through an online portal. By checking initial registrations, you can prevent, e.g., potential attempts at fraud using disposable or trash mail addresses. By integrating Uniserv email into your registration procedure, your customer is informed immediately if the email address entered is incorrect. Only validated and necessary contact data can enter your customer or campaign management system. A customer you cannot address correctly - is a lost customer.

We make the integration into your existing system landscape extremely easy. Using a web service interface, you can incorporate email validation into your company processes fast and without difficulty.


Uniserv Email Address Checker

Email Address Check



With email validation from Uniserv you profit from the following advantages

  • Smooth running email despatch
  • High delivery rates for email-supported advertising campaigns thanks to our email address checker
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • A solution which can be integrated fast and economically
  • Minimise attempts at fraud with using false registration details (e.g. disposable addresses)
  • Email stocks without spam addresses