Successful Geomarketing with Uniserv Geocoding for Addresses


With Uniserv geocoding you gain worldwide additional knowledge about the addresses of your customers and enquirers. Determine the sales potential of a region for your company, or analyse where the targets groups for your marketing actions are living. Make the correct decision about the choice of location. Optimise your logistics with detailed route planning. Our software links your customer and address data cost efficiently with important geographic attributes worldwide and thereby provides the foundations for successful geomarketing.

Make your data even more valuable.

Features: What Uniserv Geocoding can do

With Uniserv geocoding you can perform comprehensive enrichment of address data world-wide. Our solution processes the following information:

  • Geographic coordinates (geocoordinates)
  • Key to micromarketing data, such as statements about the residential environment, income, consumer behaviour or age structure
  • Responsibilities of public offices and authorities
  • Delivery information from transport services
  • Company-own data (e.g. from the responsible branch or outside representative)

The allocation can be targeted for an individual house, a section of road, a complete street, a local part of a town, or an entire location.

Geomarketing information can be allocated directly during input of the address, or added comfortably during batch processing of large data stocks. A unified interface layout simplifies the integration of country-specific geomarketing information. The major differences in the available information are thereby balanced out. This minimises the costs for integration into existing systems and provides the basis for “limitless” address geocoding. Uniserv geocoding links customer master data with geographic attributes for over 240 countries. The national product variants of the software make allowances for respective country-specific attributes and demands on address geocoding.


  • International solution approach world wide
  • Flexible enrichment of geographic data, micromarketing data, as well as company-own data
  • Available as on-premises software and as software as a service (SaaS)
  • Fast and uncomplicated implementation
  • Current reference data guaranteed by regular data updates

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post enables you to determine the correct postal spelling of addresses or address fragments. Further information such as geographic coordinates can be assigned after a successful postal validation.