Update addresses by matching against relocation data

Relocation Addresses

Uniserv relocation

Approximately 22,000 consumers and companies in Germany move to a new location every day. In 2012, almost every 10th German changed their place of residence. But only a small minority informed their trading partners and service providers of their new address, and this leaves immediate traces in every stock of addresses. Many customers and enquirers addresses are no longer up-to-date - and the consequences should not be underestimated. Increased returns and multiple deliveries to both old and new addresses incur unnecessary costs. Inefficient marketing actions and unnecessary outlay for production and despatch also mean additional costs too. Manual research not only incurrs extra costs; it also requires a lot of extra time. These problems can be avoided – with Uniserv.

With Uniserv relocation you make sure that your address stocks are always up to date. Our software solution uses the Deutsche Post data bank. When an addressee relocates and a forwarding request is made, the new address is registered in the relocation database of the Deutsche Post Address GmbH & Co. KG. Uniserv relocation has been developed especially for processing relocation addresses and compares your data fast and reliably with the updated reference tables.


Uniserv relocation provides all functions necessary to comply with the specific demands for matching against relocation data and for data protection regulations. In most cases, the freshly relocated party uses the forwarding service of the Deutsche Post to forward postal items to their new address. You can compare this relocation data with your existing addresses and replace outdated records with new ones, thus ensuring that your address stock is always up to date.

With Uniserv relocation you can subject your addresses to a regular check (stock cleansing) or make a one-off update of all addresses (e.g., preceding a direct advertising campaign). If you don’t want to have your address data dealt with outside your company, you can register as a subscriber and use the relocation file “in-house”.


  • Improved deliveries and avoidance of time losses
  • More efficient marketing campaigns
  • Optimised response rates
  • Minimises the effort for address care and processing returned items
  • Low personnel effort and financial costs for address care
  • Cost savings for production and despatch
  • Avoidance of duplicated deliveries and returns
  • Smooth integration of data and invoicing processes by using the Deutsche Post address service